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no problem, I've been doing this "help you buy PC parts" thingy for years and become a second nature to check spec and compatibility when seeing such question.
For traveling it should be enough since you don't put entire collection into it. The hard drive in my link is very different from the one in yours because the connector is totally different. If you get the SATA hard drive in your link, you won't be able to install it into your laptop.
get this USB DAC, they are very good and really cheap. have both RCA and headphone out, come with usb cable and need no external power. | Icon uDAC I am not familiar with speaker you might need to ask around. but as long as they have their own source, the DAC I suggest will be good enough for you.
I just check the spec of your laptop, it use IDE/ATA-6 interface for hard drive and the maximum capacity I saw at Newegg is 320GB. keep that in mind when you buy new hard drive. having internal drive mean you don't have to carry extra item when you go out. but you are limited to 320gb. external drive will give you bigger capacity but you have to carry extra weight out. you cannot use SATA hard drive, the connector is...
I also have Clip+ but instead of 6303, I have 5800xm, what I can tell you is that thy do sound similar. maybe slightly fuller of Clip+ but it is had to notice. compare to my NuForce uDAC both Clip+ and 5800xm are colder and upfront female vocal that make it more engaging. The point here is you may be underestimating the SQ of Nokia phone too much.
what size do you need ? I can send you mine since I use Olive exclusively, just pm me your address.
btw I got IE7 for less than 160USD from J&R while ago, J&R don't list their real price online you have to check locally to know their sale price.
that mean our perception of distant is probably different.
Quote: Originally Posted by jp_zer0 I thought the mids were recessed on my 840's. Vocals were too distant and thin. Maybe the uDAC wasn't the best for them but that's all I had. Sold the 840's and got MS1's. I am using uDAC with srh840 and I don't feel the vocal is far. are you sure you didn't get a faulty one ? Quote: Of course. Partly where my forum nick came about, lol. I don't mind meeting up somewhere (maybe I'll drop by that...
glad you like it, hopefully we can meet sometime to compare the stock vs. re-cabled srh840. I will need your opinion because I don't trust my ear these day. btw you like anime songs ?
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