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my recent DIY cables, should be good enough for what I will need.
get her a Sony 16gb E-series (no memory slot) or get her a Sansa Fuse or Clip+, they are all under 90USD and sound good,
DIY is your friiend, you can get the parts they use, make your own cable for a lot less than the price tag you saw.
I don't have ipod but I made this for my brother, hope it work. gonna need some ipod touch 2g to test it.
Quote: Originally Posted by userlander Hey Dave - maybe you should give the DAC-Extasy a nifty little "iPod" name like the uDAC has, or iBasso, etc. -- maybe eDAC, aDAC, or oDAC are available. It might drum up sales a little to have a cutesy marketing name like that, as it seems to be what people go for over sound quality. the u in uDAC read micro so it is not a marketing thingy, however your idea of eDAC , aDAC, oDAC make it sound like some...
Haven't compare uDAC to Extasy but Cowon D2+. using SRH840. uDAC has warmer mid, depend on what type of focal you listen it can good or bad. however uDAC is a little recess in the vocal, particular the female focal. recess with warm mean the airiness and echo is less to make more up-shifted emotional lacking in some songs. if the music itself is already U shape then it can be slightly harder to feel the singer. Singer is further and less "high". overall, uDAC sound is on...
Quote: Originally Posted by hotaudio40 Not so much lower impedance but more higher efficiency.... I was reading about IEMs and hiss issues on this forum actually... Seems MOST DACs and AMPs will have some level of hiss with the really high efficiency IEMs.... They are just too sensitive.... I just order a DAC Ecstasy from you 2 hours ago, send it to me quick so I can tell you about the hiss. I have Westone UM3X (hiss monster)and Audeo PFE...
This is IEM forum so I recommend Westone UM3X or W2 for less money. they work great
to replace your HDD you will need a bootable Windows Operation Disk of the window that match the current windows in your old hard drive, I don't trust recovery disk but that may work too. you will need a disk with all the hardware drivers and utilities for your laptop (either come with the computer or the driver and utilities can be download from the manufacturer's site and keep them in a cd or usb drive). under the laptop there should be the license key for your current...
Anyone tried feed uDAC's RCA directly into a easy to drive headphone or IEM ? I tried it and it works. This maybe placebo or using different type of cable (SXC vs Mogam) I felt there is differences. please anyone with better equipment try it and see if there is difference from headphone out vs RCA.
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