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my PFE come with a very good nilon pouch to carry my PFE, spare filter and tips my IE7 come with a case that I can store the earphone, cleaning tool and 2 extra pairs of tips. that is what I use to carry my IEM if I didn't hang it over my neck
Quote: Originally Posted by oarnura Where does it say that on their site? I looked carefully. I thought they had a 30 day return policy...Sorry I didn't read that part...the policy says no returns on in-ear phones only exchanges. I ordered it because I thought I could return it if I didn't like it...have to reconsider..damn! that was what I was strugling before I open my IE7 but now I don't care about return policy, I gonna keep it. if you like...
Quote: Originally Posted by imackler Hey all, I just thought you might like to know who don't have the IE7. I got emailed a pretty sweet price from J & R. Far closer to the UK price than I've seen in the States! Just plug in your email to get a quote; not sure if its ok to post here... I bought mine 3 days ago from J&R. I got mine for 206 because I live in NYC. still at the burning stage. waiting for my Comply T-400 because tips come with IE7...
Quote: Originally Posted by soozieq Hi Hsiu, hope the replacement pair stays good for you By the way, do you have the black pair or the the white pair? Thanks everyone else for the colour updates and the pics. Mine was black so does the new pair I got. The new pair slund better than the old one I had for whatever reason. I just hope it will last long. Phonak should really look into the issue so they won't waste time and resource on...
Since this is IE7 vs PFE. I gonna post my thought here I just bought IE7 listen and burn in now, I found none of the tips come with the package fit my ear especially my left ear. never have such problem with PFE on silicon, L Comply or Shure Olive. the only tips that fit my ear and IE7 is the silicon tips from my first IEM JVC FX-66. However this tip provide nearly no isolation. I am ordering some T400 and hope they work.
noob here, I bought FPE base on reading through all the Phonak thread. it sounds wonder but the right channel died on me on the 16th day after using it. I got my replacement arrive 5 days after reporting this to Audeo. I bought IE7 to have 2 IEMs in case any one of them failed, I cannot stand the NYC Subway without a good IEM
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