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Here is my HD600 with DIY ALO SXC, SXC give the low better definition, clearer mid and stronger high. still sound smooth and ballance is a bit powerful way
Interesting, I think UM3X is good but cymbal-like sound is a little bit far. should I add extra driver and which one ? 
does anyone remold their Westone IEm paerticularly UM3X ? How dies it feels ?  shell of my UM3x is splitting and thinking about making it a custom
I give up on silicon UM56 for fitting and hard to insert. Olive and Shure silicon is best for me. I am gonna use my UM3X until they die. it is so good that my next will be UM5X if they decide to make one. I am too raugh for custom and can't use custom to convince other to spend money in IEM.
  you should try Shure Olive, I only use comply unless I am on plane trip that I need absolute quiet.  
Clip+'s FR match well with UM3X to compensate its weaker high. flat response often sound like the bass is reduced which is a way to compensate bass heavy down stream
looks like the green filter just attanuate the mid and high even more. not sure if i will be happy with that.
agree, just get the replacement or use Shure Olive if you want foam
try Westone line of product. My UM3x took a lot of abuse still running good
Sound wise, I like it better for my SRH840 and UM3X. although mine has a few issue with my laptop. it sound really nice for my untrained ear. it is very powerful and you need a volume control or amp for it, else the hiss and crazily loud volume will kill your ear if plug your earphone straight into it. I do not know if something 300~600ohm but my SRH840 will produce volume that will penetrate my ear and my head without a volume control.
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