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New HD700 owner here. After my HD600 break down on me, I got HD700 as my next. Initially, the phone sound horrible. Muffled low and sharp top. It is getting better day by day as I feed it with various type of music every day for 3 hours each day for the last 3 weeks. Hopfully it will get even better as I use it. For those who return their , I am not sure how long do they burn their phone before making the decision ? It amazed me if any shop allow user to return phone after...
It really depend on what equipment (Amp and/or DAC-Amp). the other suggeswtion is to get several cable each with different plug consider the cable on HD650 is detachable, I have HD600 and I made cables of my own using both 6.3mm and 3.5mm. I didn't make XLR because I don't have equipment using XLR connector. so it is depend upon what connector of your signal come from.
I am amping my SXC HD600 with Burson HA-160, quite like it even just right out of the box
As you wish, here is the 2 cable I made for my HD600, the thick one is ALO SXC 22 AWG and the thin one is Cryo-Parts SCSCag solid core 26 AWG silver wire. nake wire braided with Cardas plug
it is the TWcu 24 AWG from Cryo-Parts. it is rather flexible but slightly hard to wirk with because the insulation tube shrink a lot when heat apply to the wire.
I first measure 4 equal length wire, solder then onto the 3.5mm plug. then I thread the wires through the sleeve. heat shrink was used to fix the sleeve to the wire before puting the cover of the plug onto it. another layer of heat shrink to the external of the plug. on the other end, the four wire was twisted into two pair each has one signal and one ground. then I use heat shrink to fix the twist at the beginning of the twist  so it become a Y-end cover with another...
Recabled Denon D2000, using Neutrick 3.5mm with Cryo-Parts TWcu 24AWG, the sleeve is shoe lace from local store .    
microSD ? that is a big going back, microSD is pricier and yet less capacity, what I love about D2+ is it use standard SDHC which give bigger storage option cheaper compared to like Sansa, this thing doesn't look like it get much smaller size yet still using  microSD, is the radioation dust from Japan rust their brain ?If it is going to be a replacement of D2/D2+ it should have standard SDXC slot and maybe a capacitive screen,
I bought some SCSCag and TWcu from Cryo-Parts, made the silver last night, nto sure if I like it, it sound  soo bright not sure if burn-in will help. it may suit the slightly darker sound HD650. IMO, it seem like Alo SXC has better ballance for now, I will post picture of the cable later, and may want to make another cable using TWcu or Canare to see if plain copper suit better.  
I live in Taipei. I saw Cardas in Music HiFi store fore 3200NTD and it is too long for my application. that is why I use up my remaining ALO SXC brought back from USA to made this cable. the total cost of the cable is about the same price as retail Cardas I saw. I have 5 pair of Cardas Sennheiser plug remaining. not sure if I want to make a Mogami or Canare version for myself . May not be good because Mogami sound darker than SXC. I can make one or two as practice...
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