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  I'm biased towards films that plays with time travel and killings/assassinations.   I've never given anything over that score with that theme combination, mainly because it's too predictable.  I found it mildly entertaining.   I would give it a 5, but Bruce Willis comes on true form when he gets the guns in his hands and goes down blazing.  Also, my previous posts of other films depicting murders of children will always loose a point or two on my scale.  I don't care...
^Just saw this. 6/10.
Thanks John.  You should see my order in the queue.
John,  the all black is damn sexy. Do you have to add in the notes step in the order process to request the ferrite change for lower impedance headphones and such?
Last and only bump before Goodwill takes it.
"Lockout" 5/10.  Watched this because wife fancies Guy Pierce.  Man, he sure buffed up for the role and the whole "5" was carried by him alone. He had some funny dialogue and he's a great actor, but everything else was predictable and lacked substance. 
Is the amp section in this thing "Class A"?
Dredd (2012) - 6/10.  Miss the flying motorcycles from the original, but it did have some cool,slow motion, special effect action.
These headphones came with a package deal when I purchased a nice metal detector.  I have no idea of the brand or model.  I've tested it, and it works.  It has volume attenuator knob for each side (enables or disables volume) and a small switch for what sounds like a treble boost.   Don't get your hopes up thinking the drivers will be next big thing, it most likely won't.  The value and interest is in the parts that you can cannibalize for your existing cans or...
New Posts  All Forums: