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Hopeful bamp
Hey again, Head-Fi,   I haven't been here in a while.   I'm in the UK, budget's around £40.   Kinda out of the loop with regards to what's new, what's a deal, etc.   Anyhow she's looking for in-ear headphones. She's new to them so I'd like to put comfort first, and decent bass/clarity a tied second.   Since I'm putting comfort first, sibilance or overly-bright headphones wouldn't be ideal.   Preferably not from a supplier that takes two weeks to...
29/30 is unlikely, I know sets of headphones which would get lower rates for accurate guesses between them.   "waving oscilloscopes" gave an amusing mental image though.
Did you know that Pete of Double Helix Cables would have me believe that the cable sheathe would actually affect the sound? I'm not talking about (metal) magnetic cable shielding either.   I think back to the post here about it being impossible to "develop" new cables - it was obvious to me that individual cables would easily have the potential to affect sound in a much bigger way than your choice in non-metallic sheathing ever could. Nonsense?   Plug X...
"you should assume that your subjective observation is in error"   The purposes of headphones as I understand them are 1) Analysing music for production/assessment/modification, assuming that all listeners will hear something different for obvious reasons 2) Listening to music for pleasure   It follows that subjective observations are all that matter with headphones.  
A recent issue with my Sansa Fuze has been causing me a little confusion.   Disconnecting it seems to disable some of my USB connections including my external hard drive, DSLR, webcam, mic and DAC (but not my wi-fi adapter/keyboard/mouse).   I've never experienced anything like this before and was wondering if anyone here had a clue what was happening.   The actual problem has too many words that will trigger results completely unrelated to the problem,...
I am selling my Musiland Monitor 02 US to raise funds for new IEMs.   This DAC very solidly build, and also quite compact.   It is in as new condition.   As for the sound, I've never owned more than 1 DAC so direct comparisons haven't been possible, but I was impressed.   In fact, this DAC has been compared to the popular Cambridge Audio DACmagic.   Please feel free to leave a PM/reply with any questions.   Thanks for looking!
The joke is that you're not a shill.
LCD-2: A very nice set of headphones, everything is quite natural about them from their wooden appearance to their sound. While nothing offends and they are forgiving of songs which may normally hurt your ears, they also didn't wow me in any particular way. Used balanced from the Roc. There was an awful lot of expensive-looking cabling. Possibly the next step up from the AD2000 if the soundstage could be improved. I may have preferred the bass from a different amp,...
I'm hoping someone at the meet with soldering/DIY skills could help me with reterminating my AD2000s.   I am willing to cover costs for the connector/solder used, etc.   Thanks.
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