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I always used iTunes to manage my library when I had an iPod. Therefore most of my files are mp3 or ALAC files. None of my album art is displaying on my DX90 with the latest rockbox.    Any ideas what I can do to fix this?
Yikes. That blows. Not efficient to go through and add one by one when you have over 2k songs on the card.
Is there a way to import playlists like ones I have created in iTunes? Couldn't find anything in the dx50 manual.
 Interestingly enough this JUST happened to me. So I have both issues... the one you described and the one I described where the track just stops short and never moves forward.
 Gapless is disabled on mine. Just browsing the all music category.
 No issues here with that - but I have had issues where a track will finish and just stop playing with 2-3 seconds left. I have to hit the next button multiple times to get it to move.
So for those of you in the USA that have received it, did it get to you overnight once it left Hong Kong or did it take a couple days? Mine has finally received movement , clearance processing in Hong Kong.
Mine is still stuck at shipping info received. Ordered around 9am est on release day. Needs to make its way to Ohio
Still at shipping info received on my end. Using F5 every 10 minutes doesn't help either.
Looking forward to it. Thanks!
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