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Dear all,   Does any of you store your Abyss in an after-market headphone case?  If so, will you be kind enough to point me to it?   The cases I use for other big headphones are still not big enough for the Abyss.   Thank you
 Hi yates7592, Can you tell me the model of your Pelican case? Thank you
Dear all,   Can someone point me to an after-market headphone hard case which the SR009 can fit into?  I still have the original wooden case but it looks too delicate to be used on a day-to-day basis.   Thank you
I am also curious to know this as well.  Can any of the experienced DIYers or anyone at all help?  Thank you
I am an infrequent poster and I am certainly not here to start a war.  Everyone is entitled to his opinion but what you have just made seems like a sweeping statement. Bryston is a very reputable Canadian company which makes some very nice gear based on solid engineering with prices that do not go through the roof.  It also provides excellent service and stands behind its products: it offers a 20-year warranty for amplifiers and a 5-year warranty on its digital products...
Hi everyone,   How and where can I buy a replacement battery for my DX-100?   Thank you
I'd love to have a private listening session and I am Singapore-based. Alas I am neither creative nor do I write well. I guess I will have to give it a miss then. (It's an awfully quiet thread, don't you think)
Great video review.  Thank you for taking time to create it.
Hi Dave, The Etys are great sound wise but their wires are notoriously microphobic. Do the new models promise significant improvement in this area?
Recently, I have become increasingly interested in music originally composed for the stage and screen but played on the violin.   Here are some the titles I know about: 1)      Cinema Serenade – Itzhak Perlman ( 2)      Cinema Serenade II – The Golden Age - Itzhak Perlman ( 3)      Cinema – Laurent Korcia...
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