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The response I got was:     Not actually sure that means yes or no.    Also, can't say I'm terribly happy about needing $60 in adapters to output an un-amped signal. 
Thanks for the responses. I had looked at a few of those but they applied to the older generation Ipads.   Would I need one of these: or is that only if I use Line Out Dock (I didn't see one designed specifically for the lightning connection.)   But I couldn't find a cck for the new Ipad. Would I need an adaptor and a cck to output the digital...
I've gone through the various threads but remain uncertain of the answer. I have the new Ipad with the lightning connector. I'm looking for a basic dac/amp to use when laying in bed. I've been looking at the Fiio E7 or E17. What needs to be between the Ipad and the dac/amp to make this connection work?   Appreciate the help.
+1 on the Cave In -Jupiter recommendation.   Loop - A Guilded Eternity is also a great album:  
Great write up. Even better that it specifically included music I listen to, on specific equipment I own. Thanks for the effort.
  Thanks for the explanations. I'm all over the metal spectrum though I am primarily a thrash and death metal fan. I do own quite a bit of black metal and grindcore. Not too much metal I don't enjoy and listen to other than a few of the power metal bands. I'm a hardcore fan as well though 1990 seems to mark the date past which I find much less to recommend. Been listening since I was 13 or so giving me nearly 27 years of enjoyment of the genre.   If I were to name my ten...
I miswrote when I said speakers. I am only asking in relation to driving headphones.
What is the relationship between the tubes installed and the amp's ability to drive speakers? I understand that the power tubes power the headphones but what, other than the sound of the amp, do the other tubes do?
Quote:  I've looked at them though the sound signature seemed to be akin to the Denon 2000s. I'll read up on them again. But I've had the HE-500 in the back of my head after wading through a number of threads, reviews, etc.  Something to consider though I thought they weren't recommended for a heavy metal based diet.
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