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After playing around a bit with Hansen/CMOY I really want to try a tube amp. Can anybody compare the Morgan Jones Earmax clone with the X-Cans? It's easier form me to audition the last one and based on this comment I want to decide if I'd like to build the first one Steven
The idea of buiding a tube amp is very appealing. However, it seems a bit more involving that stuffing stuff on hansen boards, listening, and swapping components to see (hear) if somtehing's changed. Can anybody comment on building something simple like the Earmax-clones on headwize. And how's the sound comparing to a Hansen CMOY? Steven
In my search to build a small CMOY amp on a hansen board I'd like to build someting with NiCad batteries and a build-in charger circuit. I'd like to charge it from the usb or firewire connection on my iBook. I also found those nice 1,2 V NiCad sells in 2/3 and 1/3 AA sice. So if I could power my amp with 2,4 or 3,6 V, I could really make something small that will be charged at the same time I charge my iPod. So the question is: can anybody help me with a shematic...
I just finished building my first pocketamp on one of JMT's Hansen Boards. Thanks to his instructions building it was dead easy, and it worked from the first time (it has been twenty-some years that I tried doing something like this, and when I was a teenager, nothing ever worked). You can find (lousy) pictures on http://homepage.mac.com/stevenshead/Personal1.html I build it with a gain of 6, R8 L&R are 4.7 Ohm because I couldn't find 4.4 and C3 L&R are 0.22 (same...
Just got my ET-6. To be on the safe side, I ordered 10 extra tips and 10 extra filters. However, I don't have any idea when to replace them or how long they last. Comments anyone? Stevenb
It's with great pleasure that I read here that a lot of head-fiers are Apple fans. This says something about their taste for the better things in life On the more serious side: I just bought 250 of them and my clients are ordering them in vast quantities, without having seen the thing in real life: there's just one unit in Belgium, and that's in Apple's office. Personally, I think they should have gone for a 17" screen. I think Steve chose not to do so because it...
iTunes & iPod! Simple aih? If I were a pc user I could try all this exotci using stuff, but Steve Jobs tends to choose for its customer: whatever Apple chooses to do itself kills the competition in a blast BTW, I sell Macs for a living. since the rise of MP3 player si sold just a handfull of hardware MP3-players, but I sold dozens of iPods in just a few weeks! Apple's Digital Hub concept really works, but they've gotta do it themselves! Stevenb
Man, U R GR8! I knew i'd be getting an answer here, but i couldn't imagine it would be so fast! Thanx, Stevenb
Perhaps you can consider this simple setup: keyspan (http://www.keyspan.com) makes a great little credit-card sized remote control for any USbB-Mac. You van choose which key controls what, and it is a good way to control volume and tracks on >CD, DVD or MP3. Probably the cheapest solution to your problem too. Stevenb
Is there anybody around who can tell be how to build a convertor that makes it possible to connect a device with a coax (electrical) digital output to a receiver that has only optical (SPDIF) inputs? Stevenb
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