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I just bought these. They are fun  to listen to. And they are the best looking headphones I have EVER seen.
  These headphones are less than a month old. There is probably only 2 hours of use on them. And they are in pristine condition. Full retail packaging and all the original accessories will be included. I have heat here: . I've done 2 deals with members here. I bought a dac from misterX. I have an evaluation here:   And I also sold that same Dac to this member...
I have the AD900s. Amping them doesn't make a difference. And I doubt you really need a DAC. If you listen on your iphone/ipod touch, they have a better DAC than most standalone DACs in the $0-200 price range. If you use your computer, it depends what computer you have. But even then, I doubt it'll make much of a difference.
I don't buy it. I think burn in and price are placebo. I've read a ton of studies where "expert audiophiles" could not tell the difference between high-end amps/dacs and budget stuff. I think the headphone/speaker is 95% of the equation so as long as you are listening to high-quality recordings.   I've looked at these high-end amps and dacs. Looks like run of the mill ugly pcbs with some "fancy" capacitor enclosed by that prototypical ugly aluminum alloy that most audio...
I have the AD900s and the M50s. I had the K601s and did not like it too much. I don't really have a budget, and I want a good all-rounder. I want something really good for hip-hop and classical/jazz music. And it needs to be as comfortable or more than the AD900s. I have an e7 dac and e9 amp, and I have no interest in upgrading them. I personally do not trust spending hundreds/thousands of dollars on these amps/dacs. I just want that one last final headphone.
I'm looking to buy a sound system for a car I'm about to purchase, but I have no clue what to buy. What exactly do I need and what do you guys recommend I should get? I'm looking to spend around $1500 for the whole system and would like the best bang for the buck. I was thinking about just going to Best Buy and have them pick stuff out, but that doesn't seem like the best route knowing how much they suck.
Budget....$700 Edition 8 is so fond the d7000 here for $549: reliable site?
I mainly will use these headphones for gaming and rap. Looking for a good amp and dac to pair with it with good value.
ttt, seriously I have no use for this. Don't even have headphones anymore. It's extremely good for the price (DAC and AMP in one).
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