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It is worth considering the Audio gd NFB5. I havn't heard the HE500 but it should drive it with relative ease.  It uses dual WM8741 DAC chips.   Power output: 3500mW/25 ohm  1800mW/50 ohm 900mW/100 ohm 300mW/300 ohm 150mW/600 ohm
Is there anyone that prefers the Dog Pads over the Alpha Pads?  -
  When you say lacking control and focus, are you referring to the bass in particular or the overall sound?  
  I must of missed your post on the other amp thread.    Thanks to the both of you for your input. 
If any current owners of the combo, could input their opinions, I would really appreciate it!   Cheers
  Yes, just because your getting volume out the amp, does not necessarily mean it is 'driving' the headphone - ie providing the power it needs to sound its potential. 
Thanks for your replies,    What about the ALO Pan Am? 
I have been offered a HA-160DS Amp for the LCD2.    After looking at the specs, it lists it as 250mw output. Burson informs me it will output 100mw into 50ohm .   Will this be sufficient to power the LCD2 to its potential? Burson claims it will, I need some other opinions!   Help is appreciated. 
Hello head-fi   I'm curious about the Burson HA160 series amp for my LCD2r1 (50ohm).    I noticed on the specs page it is listed as max 250ohm output into unknown ohms.    I inquired into it with Burson and they informed me the Burson will output 100mw into 50 ohms, this seems a little low and I asked them to explain how it would be sufficient for the LCD2.  I was told it was because the amp was designed in Class A and fully discrete circuit, there would be...
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