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What's wrong with the E17 and E10? 
    Are you saying you prefer the sound of the E10 over the NFB-12? 
PM Me Price including Shipping to Australia.      Thanks
That explains it. Thanks   Edit: Just checked cost $366 for D2000 delivered to Aus.. :(
  Thanks for the heads up re: Headsonic, guess I have to find another place to purchase the D2k    I just tried to place an order for D2000 at Amazon and this is what I got :    We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.
They've been out of stock for awhile, I've been waiting for them to get in stock..   You won't be able to order through Amazon, They don't ship the D2000's to Australia.   
Hey Looking for D2000's, PM me price including shipping to Australia.    Thanks
I don't know where you can get the Audio gd NFB-12 for under $100, but I'd jump on that. Otherwise the E10 is a pretty good DAC/Amp  
I emailed them and they said ZO2 rev 3 is the last and final model for at least a year.   I'm confused with people having volume issues, from what I understand, can't you control the volume on the Zo2 digitally and also control the volume on the source?     
  Anyone know how the DAC section of the D100 compares to the HRT Music Streamer II/+?    Or if the D100 is better than the Audio gD FUN or NFB-12? 
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