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They do not ship to Australia. Thanks anyway
Well I'm absolutely loving the sound of these headphones :)   I'm looking at giving these to my brother and about to pull the trigger on a set of D2k's   Anyone has experience with both cans, curious as to how the HTF600 compare to the D2k - especially in mid and bass region   Let me know   
They don't ship to Australia :)
Yeah I was also pushing it together to soften the pads a bit :P   Scared me when I put them back on my head and the sound was really quiet   I then 'pushed them together again' and then sound was working on the left but quiet on the right   Then I blew into both drivers and it 'popped' back into place and is working fine   Its wierd this problem is only with this headphone, my other headphones are fine   The bracket holding the driver in must be flimsy or its something to...
Thanks will do   On a side note I just experienced the same problem as you did  (I pushed the pads together to test out isolation)   with the driver 'popping' out of place    Had to blow in both drivers to 'pop' it back into place
Just wondering if this is normal,   the cut in the foam on both drivers?   
Thanks for your reply   I'll post back impressions after burn in   So far after ~2 hours of listening, these headphones sound excellent so far, can't believe they sound this good for the price   Just a little underwhelmed with the bass, was expecting more from all the reviews and impressions.. Hopefully that will sort out and improve with burn in  
Thanks, burning them in now but I'm a bit skeptical that burn in will magically 'add' bass ;)   edit: How long should I burn it in for? 
So finally got my HTF600 delivered to me    First impression, these are less bassy than I thought they would be     
I'm curious as to which is better between the E11 and CmoyBB 2.03 aswell On the JDSLabs website - customer feedback one user commented that "I am very impressed with the build and sound quality of this amp. I have a dual chip cMOY from fred_fred2004 and a FiiO E11 - your V2.03 is in another league. Far cleaner sounding, with great timbre, tone, bass and musicality. I am enjoying it immensely" So he says its better than the E11 ?
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