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I'm surprised you havn't sold this yet mrAdrian. Fantastic DAC/Amp with plenty of power. I would of grabbed it If I didn't already own one!. Good Luck on the sale mate 
I tend to disagree, I owned the 80ohm version of the DT250 for awhile and I did not find the bass to be muddy at all. Far from it infact.  IMO.    Don't take what people say on forums as gospel. You will find varying opinions all over the place. Different systems, different ears, different preferences. The advice here can only take you so far.  Do the research. Limit to a selection of headphones and try to audition.   Cheers 
FS: : Alessandro MS1 with cocobolo wood cups, original plastic cups and 2 sets of pads (bowls and HD414 pads)   Purchased from this listing :   Pictures can be found there. It is in the same condition. Fantastic sound- I'm just looking to try other offerings.   I'm interested in trades for other headphones such as HD650, LA7000, D7000, MD3.2, and similar...
It is worth considering the Audio gd NFB5. I havn't heard the HE500 but it should drive it with relative ease.  It uses dual WM8741 DAC chips.   Power output: 3500mW/25 ohm  1800mW/50 ohm 900mW/100 ohm 300mW/300 ohm 150mW/600 ohm
Is there anyone that prefers the Dog Pads over the Alpha Pads?  -
  When you say lacking control and focus, are you referring to the bass in particular or the overall sound?  
  I must of missed your post on the other amp thread.    Thanks to the both of you for your input. 
If any current owners of the combo, could input their opinions, I would really appreciate it!   Cheers
  Yes, just because your getting volume out the amp, does not necessarily mean it is 'driving' the headphone - ie providing the power it needs to sound its potential. 
Thanks for your replies,    What about the ALO Pan Am? 
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