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Thanks for your replies,    What about the ALO Pan Am? 
I have been offered a HA-160DS Amp for the LCD2.    After looking at the specs, it lists it as 250mw output. Burson informs me it will output 100mw into 50ohm .   Will this be sufficient to power the LCD2 to its potential? Burson claims it will, I need some other opinions!   Help is appreciated. 
Hello head-fi   I'm curious about the Burson HA160 series amp for my LCD2r1 (50ohm).    I noticed on the specs page it is listed as max 250ohm output into unknown ohms.    I inquired into it with Burson and they informed me the Burson will output 100mw into 50 ohms, this seems a little low and I asked them to explain how it would be sufficient for the LCD2.  I was told it was because the amp was designed in Class A and fully discrete circuit, there would be...
These have been sold
how is this headphone for movies, shows etc?
I highly doubt the LCD3 is 80% better than the LCD2.   Infact FWIR, many people actually prefer the sound presentation of the LCD2's over the 3's. That does not make one distinctively better than the other - audio is subjective and its what makes this hobby wonderful. . Overhyping a can is not. 
Looking to try out the Mad Dog by MrSpeakers Headphone with comfort strap and leather dog pads.     PM me with details. 
From the pictures it seems that it has fiberloft stuffed stock pads and not lawton audio's angle pads installed. 
Looking for any good aftermarket cable for the LCD2. PM Me details and price including shipping.    Thanks
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