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If you have a budget of $700 why consider the NFB12?   Have a look at the NFB10.2, this gives you the option to go balanced.    You also can consider the the Yulong D100 and Matrix M-Stage. 
Want to purchase the above headphones. PM me your offer including delivery to AUS   The Headphone can have custom or stock cable.    Thanks
Hey looking for any of the above pads for my Denons    PM me if you want to sell and are able to ship to Australia. I'll take them off your hands :)   Thanks
You should also consider the audio gD NFB 5.2 :)
Matt's a great head-fier, easy to deal with and responds quickly. Great deal for those in conus. Let me know if you ever decide to ship international mate :)
Hey looking to purchase either the Yulong D100 or Audio gd NFB5.2   Please PM me price including shipping to Australia    Thanks
Bump, I'd also like to know if anyone has experience with both D100 and NFB-5
Hey, Looking to buy wooden cups for my d2000 (either D5000 cups, D7000 cups or other wooden cups)    Let me know price incl delivery to Australia   Thanks
Looking to purchase a Matrix M-stage    PM price including tracked shipping to Australia    Cheers
Does anyone know how the O2+ODAC would compare to something like the Matrix Cube? 
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