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D2000 + Fiio E10 will fit in your budget.  Using this combo now, sounds fantastic. 
How does the E17 compare to the Ibasso D7? 
just got a reply back from Ibasso, the D7 uses OPA1611
Anyone know how the E17 compares to the Ibasso D7? 
Anyone know how the D7 compares with the E17?   and what opamp is used in the D7?    Thanks
Have a look into the Beyerdynamic DT250
So it won't effect the sound? 
Is it safe to use the headphone out of the E10 while using the Line out to another amp?      I'm switching between the cmoy's amp and E10's amp to test which is better
If your running out of your computer I would recommend the E10 DAC/Amp - it sounds excellent. 
What's the Bass Boost Levels on the E17?    I know the E10 adds + 3dB of Bass with BB on. 
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