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Different strokes for different folks.. Well you get the idea. I tried the stock pleathers for well over a week before I installed the stock velours. Never looked back , I much prefer the hifimans with velours. Would definitely like to give Jergs pads a go sometime although I'm not much of a handyman when it comes to modding and tinkering pads. I also don't experience any of the treble issues people have mentioned on this thread.Cheers
Sorry I don't have the original receipt. 
Sony MDR-1 is more comfortable and offers a similar level of sound - with a little added mid bass. :)    "Better" is subjective btw. 
If you give us a list of the open back headphones you have auditioned it would make it easier to point you in the right direction.    Cheers
Edit: Regrettably Back up for sale. Just don't get the time to listen to these.    This is a late batch LCD2r1 with Rev2 leather headband, thicker and more comfortable Rev2 pads and stock cable. The headphone comes with all original accessories, wax, chart and stock cable except it will come with an LCD3 wooden box instead of the LCD2 Box. Please note the Norse Audio cable that is pictured has been sold. The stock cable will be included.     These headphones were kept...
Cairns QLD 4869 
Up for sale is my HE400. The previous owner had it for 6 months. I have had the headphone since July although have not put many hours on. The headphone has been kept in excellent condition, no scratches, marks or blemishes that I can see. Both pleathers and velours are like new. The headphones sound fantastic. It is the good Rev 2 version.    I'm interested in trades for other headphones such as HD650, LA7000, D7000, MD3.2, and similar tier headphones  (high end portable...
I'm surprised you havn't sold this yet mrAdrian. Fantastic DAC/Amp with plenty of power. I would of grabbed it If I didn't already own one!. Good Luck on the sale mate 
I tend to disagree, I owned the 80ohm version of the DT250 for awhile and I did not find the bass to be muddy at all. Far from it infact.  IMO.    Don't take what people say on forums as gospel. You will find varying opinions all over the place. Different systems, different ears, different preferences. The advice here can only take you so far.  Do the research. Limit to a selection of headphones and try to audition.   Cheers 
FS: : Alessandro MS1 with cocobolo wood cups, original plastic cups and 2 sets of pads (bowls and HD414 pads)   Purchased from this listing :   Pictures can be found there. It is in the same condition. Fantastic sound- I'm just looking to try other offerings.   I'm interested in trades for other headphones such as HD650, LA7000, D7000, MD3.2, and similar...
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