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Anyone know how the D7 compares with the E17?   and what opamp is used in the D7?    Thanks
Have a look into the Beyerdynamic DT250
So it won't effect the sound? 
Is it safe to use the headphone out of the E10 while using the Line out to another amp?      I'm switching between the cmoy's amp and E10's amp to test which is better
If your running out of your computer I would recommend the E10 DAC/Amp - it sounds excellent. 
What's the Bass Boost Levels on the E17?    I know the E10 adds + 3dB of Bass with BB on. 
They do not ship to Australia. Thanks anyway
Well I'm absolutely loving the sound of these headphones :)   I'm looking at giving these to my brother and about to pull the trigger on a set of D2k's   Anyone has experience with both cans, curious as to how the HTF600 compare to the D2k - especially in mid and bass region   Let me know   
They don't ship to Australia :)
Yeah I was also pushing it together to soften the pads a bit :P   Scared me when I put them back on my head and the sound was really quiet   I then 'pushed them together again' and then sound was working on the left but quiet on the right   Then I blew into both drivers and it 'popped' back into place and is working fine   Its wierd this problem is only with this headphone, my other headphones are fine   The bracket holding the driver in must be flimsy or its something to...
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