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Bump, I'd also like to know if anyone has experience with both D100 and NFB-5
Hey, Looking to buy wooden cups for my d2000 (either D5000 cups, D7000 cups or other wooden cups)    Let me know price incl delivery to Australia   Thanks
Looking to purchase a Matrix M-stage    PM price including tracked shipping to Australia    Cheers
Does anyone know how the O2+ODAC would compare to something like the Matrix Cube? 
Thanks for posting your impressions   So in your opinion it's a step up from the EF2? 
E10 is much better than E7. 
D2000 + Fiio E10 will fit in your budget.  Using this combo now, sounds fantastic. 
How does the E17 compare to the Ibasso D7? 
just got a reply back from Ibasso, the D7 uses OPA1611
Anyone know how the E17 compares to the Ibasso D7? 
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