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Up for sale is my recently acquired RE400 IEM's and also the Fiio E17 portable dac/amp.    The RE-400 was purchased from Headphonic about 3-4 weeks ago. I've used it a handful of times and whilst they sound quite good IEM's in general are just not my cup of tea.  I've used one of the comply tips (there is another unopened pair included) and one of the silicone tips. The rest of the various tips that came with the IEM will be included, as well as the original case. I can...
Cairns, QLD
Hi All,    I haven't been active on this forum for a while. I'm putting my fullsize headphone collection up for sale as I just don't have the time to listen anymore due to work, family and other commitments. It's a shame unfortunately but that's life at the moment.    I'll start with the Mad Dog version 3.2's with the Alpha pads and comfort strap. I purchased these September of last year as part of a trade as I needed a closed pair of headphones to compliment my...
Would be interesting to hear some more thoughts on the MD3.2 vs MDP particuarly in terms of bass. I'm in Australia so sending my MD3.2s to Dan as well as paying for the upgrade cost and return international postage is.. very expensive. Need to determine if it is worth it! 
 I know. It's very hard to like 6moons reviews because of this .  (I don't)
Thanks for your impressions Scott!    Some more thoughts on MD3.2 vs AD would be great :) 
I would choose the HE400 unless you need isolation. But that's my subjective opinion . YMMV
Hello Head-fi   Up for sale are my recently acquired (few days ago) Brown Sennheiser Momentums. These are a luxurious pair of headphones that are in immaculate condition with no scratches or marks. They also sound fantastic and one of the best portables I have used with that notable sennheiser sound. So why am I putting them up for sale? Unfortunately, they don't quite fit over my large ears. They are half on/half around. If the ear pads/cups were slightly bigger they...
 Nice collection there. Please share your thoughts on the MD3.2 vs the others? :) 
 Hey Donunus not implying that your incorrect or correct. I have not heard both pairs, only the 80ohm. However, reading that post I felt I should outline some thoughts. Could it be possible the 80 ohm version you owned was defective or not like the rest of the bunch? Marcus would have access to various DT250's from differing batches. He would also have access to compare them on many different amps and DAC's at any time. One would think, what reason would Marcus have in...
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