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Hi Matt,    Which Brainwavz pleather pads did you try? The angled version or standard version? 
Hi,    As per title I'm interested in the NightHawk. Please PM me your price including express shipping in Australia. Thank you. 
Thanks High-End-Addict. I checked the Brainwazs website and noticed that they have this:- http://www.brainwavzaudio.com/collections/accessories/products/headphone-memory-foam-earpads-sheep-skin-leather-angled   It looks to be the same angled pad except in sheepskin leather rather than pleather/velour mix. I wonder if anyone in this thread has tried them with the Sine? I'd think they'd sound the same as the pleather versions or better? 
 Thanks! Edit: .. They don't ship to Australia :(
Which pads are the Brainwavz ones that people are using with the Sine? There are a few around and I don't to order the wrong set. 
I sold my HD600 yesterday and ...damn I'm missing them already :-(   Time to get another pair :)
HD600's are in as new condition. I can't spot any scratches or blemises on them. They come from a clean, smoke and pet free home. They are the newer 'silver' driver iteration and I have taken care of them since day 1. Original accessories are all included. I'd estimate this pair has about 50-60 hours on them.    Selling because I need the funds to complete my portable setup.  I'll buy them again later ;)   Price includes postage within Australia .    SOLD
The headphones are in 'as-new' condition and come from a clean, pet and smoke free home. There are no scratches or blemishes that I can see.  I have looked after the leather since receiving it by conditioning it with Dr Leather   I am the second owner. These were purchased from ryanjsoo and he purchased them from an authorised B&W dealer in Australia. The headphones will come with all accessories and the receipt   A truly beautiful headphone both in looks and sound....
Up for sale is my Audeze Sine headphones (without the cipher cable). These were purchased from YugiRider2 from this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/808672/aus-audeze-sine-mint-w-warranty .     The headphones sound phenomenal for what they are. Selling as I need the funds.   The headphones are in "as new" condition. There is a slight mark on the R cup. It is minor and I only spotted it when looking at the headphones under light.    Any questions please feel free to...
Congrats on the purchase Koven. We'd love to have your impressions on the Sine when you've got a chance. 
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