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Thanks for comparison odigg.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dat_Dude I received my DT990/600 ohm yesterday. I tried them with my Compass setup and I think they sound BETTER for Rock/Metal (listened to a little Opeth, Dream Theater, and Mastodon) than my HD650s. I agree with Deathwish that the bass was much tighter. This was very evident on "Ghost of Perdition", which has some parts of the song with very punchy bass. How does your hd650 compare overall to your DT990, which...
Quote: Originally Posted by ourfpshero lol. its free to play. what you saw was either an ad to rent a server or pay for a guaranteed slot on a server This is probably it, once you have purchased TF2, it is free to play.
Congrats on your 325i
Anything in the Grado/Alessandro range would be excellent for rock IMO
Quote: Originally Posted by iriverdude Not worth creating a new thread just for a single question but is Team Fortress 2 online gaming free? When I logged into one of the included servers it said 99c a slot. Hey, its not free as far as I know, I bought mine through steam..
I found I did not like the grado sound, too bright, harsh sounding and terribly uncomfortable. YMMV It will definitely be a change from your HD600 though. You might like it. If your after a similar sound to your HD600 but more detail, wider sound stage then I say go for the K701. I have not tried the DT880.
Quote: Originally Posted by Busta9iron Yes they are comfortable, and yes the sound is good. I have not heard the 555's or 595's, but being Sennheiser product (I have owned Sennheiser's) and the same price range, I don't think you are going to lose any value/dollar if you go for the Sennheisers. X2, also if you can afford it go the AD900, it is everything the AD700 is but better
The AD900 are great for gaming due to large sound stage and comfort. they don't need an amp to sound good
Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez Why in the hell would anyone ever consider the 701 when the DT880 is available? The 880 is better in every way. Hey, hope you don't mind me asking, what makes you say the DT880 is better in every way compared to the K701? To the OP: I agree with olblueyez recommendation, the AD900 are an excellent all rounder phone and suit almost every genre of music, they are awesome for gaming, movies etc. If you are...
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