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I recommend the AD900 to the op, unless he plans on getting an Amp in the future, then I would recommend the K701. I have owned the AD900 and currently own the K701. The K701 is IMO a better headphone in almost every aspect compared to the AD900 (except comfort). However, it all depends upon personal preference and taste. I would be perfectly happy using either as my main headphone. Edit: I also own the AD700, and find that to be very similar to the AD900. Its an...
double post
I had them both running through a Lehmann Black Cube Linear so I don't think the amp was the problem. They just sounded muffled in comparison.
I prefer the K701 over the HD600. The HD600 sound a bit muffled in comparison to the K701. But there both good headphones for all round use. Good luck
The only amp I have owned is the Ibasso D3 python portable. Jian, what didn't you like about the Canate > K701?
hey head-fi which amp would be better in driving the K701 ? A tube amp (Little Dot MK III, EF1) or a Solid State (Corda Cantate) Let me know please Thanks
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