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If the headphone is going to cost significantly less used than it is when purchased new, then I would go used, you are getting the same (arguably better due to burn in) performance. Also if you don't like it you can re-sell without much loss.
You could also look into the D2000
Congrats on the D2000 Work you way up to an amp, look in the for sale forum there are plenty of good deals on amps which are good with the D2000. Ah almost forgot, Welcome to Headphone world. Be warned, sooner of later you will probably find yourself with 2 - 3 sets of headphones and amps :P
AD700 or the AD900
yeah try bending the clips slightly.. careful not to break them
Np, let me know once you have compared them
IMO don't go Fiio, its not worth the money. Look for a portable DAC/Amp.
You could also look into Ibasso D3
Thanks for review
Quote: Originally Posted by CTechKid Glad to hear it all worked out for you. It would be nice if you could "elaborate" on this giant winkie face! I'm also curious to know.
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