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 I had the same problem with the headband of the K701's, the Q701 was better (better placement of bumps) and K7XX even better than that (removed all bumps). The Nighthawks and AKG K7 series headphones are polar opposites in terms of sound signature that they present so I can easily see how one would prefer the NH over the AKG headphones and vice versa. I quite enjoyed the AKG sound but ended up keeping the HD600 after weeks of trialing. NH are a great "fun" headphone but I...
I've been testing and tweaking the EQ settings posted in this thread for the past few days. Still tweaking but so far I've got the following:-    Option 1 156 -2dB 220 -2dB 311 -4dB 440 -2dB 622 -2dB 880 +2dB 1200 +2dB 2500 +2db 3500 +2dB 5000 +2db   Option 2 170 -5dB 310 -3dB 600 -2dB 1000 +5dB 3000 +5dB   Leaning toward option 2. 
I think there is a completely closed version coming out/in the works but whether it's an improved version remains to be seen.
How are these still up for sale? Such a great price. Wish I was in the US. GLWS
 Thanks Bern. I'm testing out Dales settings. For ease of reference of others, I've posted the settings below (using Equalizer APO):-  Audioquest Nighthawk---------------------- 150: -4.0 (Note: Q=0.7) 300: -3.0 (Note: Q=0.5) 600: -3.0 (Note: Q=0.7) 950: +7.0 3000: +4.0 5000: +2.0 8000: +5.0 (Note: Q=3.0) I'll give joeq70's settings a go but from a quick look it seems like it emphases the bass even more and reduces the midrange - I'm after the opposite.  Edit:...
 Hi jodgey4. Thanks for your reply. So if I understand correctly, +3dB to 64 and 125? I'll give that a go. 
Can you link me to dales recommendation for EQ? 
Tyll at Innerfidelity mentioned in his review of the Sine that the Cypher cable has a +3dB boost to the boost built in in order to conform more closely to the Harman target response. I wonder does anyone in this thread know which frequencies those of us without Cypher cables could boost to replicate the bass boost? (I.e 32, 64, 125 or 250 etc and by how many decibels). I'm using Equalizer APO for Windows. 
@grizzlybeast - Thank you for your review. I agree with your points. Would you mind sharing your EQ settings that you used to resolve some of the cons? 
From my experience, the HD600 was less picky with amps than the HD650, however, YMMV. 
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