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Can you link me to dales recommendation for EQ? 
Tyll at Innerfidelity mentioned in his review of the Sine that the Cypher cable has a +3dB boost to the boost built in in order to conform more closely to the Harman target response. I wonder does anyone in this thread know which frequencies those of us without Cypher cables could boost to replicate the bass boost? (I.e 32, 64, 125 or 250 etc and by how many decibels). I'm using Equalizer APO for Windows. 
@grizzlybeast - Thank you for your review. I agree with your points. Would you mind sharing your EQ settings that you used to resolve some of the cons? 
From my experience, the HD600 was less picky with amps than the HD650, however, YMMV. 
Hi Matt,    Which Brainwavz pleather pads did you try? The angled version or standard version? 
Hi,    As per title I'm interested in the NightHawk. Please PM me your price including express shipping in Australia. Thank you. 
Thanks High-End-Addict. I checked the Brainwazs website and noticed that they have this:- http://www.brainwavzaudio.com/collections/accessories/products/headphone-memory-foam-earpads-sheep-skin-leather-angled   It looks to be the same angled pad except in sheepskin leather rather than pleather/velour mix. I wonder if anyone in this thread has tried them with the Sine? I'd think they'd sound the same as the pleather versions or better? 
 Thanks! Edit: .. They don't ship to Australia :(
Which pads are the Brainwavz ones that people are using with the Sine? There are a few around and I don't to order the wrong set. 
I sold my HD600 yesterday and ...damn I'm missing them already :-(   Time to get another pair :)
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