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As per title. Please Pm me details about the headphone and you best price incl express post to Cairns Qld 4869
1. Hifiman Edition X V2 2. Alessandro MS-Pro 3. LCD2 4. DT880 / HE400I
Anyone in Australia making the spacers for the MS Pro Ultimate mod? Please PM me your price including postage. I'm terrible at DIY. Happy to also purchase from overseas. Thanks 
These were purchased from Addicted to Audio as a birthday gift to myself. Unfortunately, even on the lowest headband setting, they don't sit well on my small head. Which is a shame because they sound fantastic. I have put about 30 minutes listening time on these so they are basically brand new. All accessories and the box included in the sale. Warranty will be transferred to the buyer and I will also include the original purchase receipt.    Not returning to A2A as their...
Per title   Please PM me offers including express shipping to Cairns QLD 4869    Only after headphones that have been looked after and in excellent condition
Thanks for the heads up
As per title   Please PM me your price including express postage
Looking for r1s. Prefer Australian sellers.
 Same. First attempt to purchase on Massdrop. Failed. 
 When the servers are working again and everyone's payment goes through I suspect that will drop fast. 
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