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Please PM me details including price and express shipping with Aus. Interested primarily in the open version but will consider the closed variants.    Cheers
Please PM me if you have a pair to sell.    Prefer Australian sellers but will consider an international sale. 
 Thanks mate. I'll go for the Claire HPC MK2. Definitely don't want to tighten and lighten the bass of the LCD2. Cheers. 
I'm thinking of buying a FAW Clair HPC Mk2 cable or the hybrid cable for my LCD2.2 pre fazor. I'd be grateful for some input from other owners. Leaning toward the Claire MK2 at the moment. 
Further price drop ..
As per title, prefer FAW cables but will consider other brands. PM me details and your price including express postage within Australia
Further price drop.    Send me your offer and I'll consider it.   Cheers
Up for sale is my recently acquired K712 pros. I got these a week ago as I was always curious about how they sound. I've put maybe 10 hours tops on them. Selling to fund an upgrade. All original accessories and box will be included. I am the only owner and they are in new condition.
Hi,    I WTB a Chord Mojo. if you're looking to sell please PM me with the details (condition, price, etc)
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