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Ah, thanks for putting the Mary Poppins reference in a clearer perspective. You're right, every single review I've read about the q-jays have been extremely positive.
I'm interested in a direct comparison betwwn these q-JAYS 2.0 and the DUNU DN-2000J. If you have or can borrow these for comparison, it would be welcome.
 Hi veikko77, I ordered the Piston earphones from Amazon.com (USA site). I ordered the RE Series Bi-Flange tips from the HiFiMAN site (here is a direct link: http://www.hifiman.com/products/detail/25 ). Hope you enjoy them. I switch back and forth between these and the stock triple-flange tips.
FOR SALE: ATH-AD2000:   Up for your consideration are an Original Generation pair of ATH-AD2000 Open Air Headphones. There are two generations of this headphone. The original ATH-AD200 like these, and a newer generation named ATH-AD2000x. I am handling the advert for these on behalf of a good friend and fellow Head-Fi'er.   Overall the AD2000 has a spacious overtone with good treble sparkle and presence; but not a deafeningly bright tuning, and with smooth vocal...
I have some protein leather earpads from NVX that are angled. They're nice.http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_66627_NVX-XRE100A.html
I really like my Silver version 2.1 Pistons.    Here's a pretty picture:     Those are the HiFiMAN RE Tips on them.
I wanted something nice looking for walking around. I think these fit the bill now.
So, I couldn't resist opening them up:     ...and in there I found the same driver as the UR22i, which, after previous experiments, sounds good. It does the same as the engine of the UR23i.   Here is a photo of the UR22i:     Personally, I like the UR22i's look, but, honestly the UR23i is a nicer set, ergonomically, and as a package.   Moving on, the driver is basically a "ring-ported" driver, like the Shure SRH1840, but without the acoustic paper filter...
Can't help but agree with jant71's impressions, now that I've acquired a pair of these (in White). It didn't take long for me to dislike the sound that the foam panels (inside the earpads) lent to the sound signature. Especially as it oversmoothed the entire tonal range and, if you've ever heard a pair of cans with a foam panel, you might notice how it "basses up the treble" range, giving an unnatural tone to the sound.   It was easy to remedy, I just removed the pads,...
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