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I've been listening to these for about a week and they sound like DUNU tried their best to create a Reference Quality Earbud. By that I mean one that has all frequencies represented in a linear fashion, and the bass is present when it is there in the song, disappearing when not in the song. The mids are good. The highs are also very good, with the BA driver. The overall SQ with the BA driver and Dynamic driver in tandem is extended, but as I mentioned balanced and linear,...
Just some Deadmau5... Some Chords is always nice
Jack Beats - Somebody To Love Nice Grime/Fidget EP
I Had the opportunity to spend some more listening time with TIDAL this evening... I finally got a USG OTG Cable for my Galaxy S4 to pair with my E17 DAC/Amp, so I've now heard the difference between straight headphone out and with a DAC/Amp. Doubly exciting BC it was the first time I used USB digital out from my shiny new android device. The report: Tidal sounds fantastic on portable 4GLTE or WiFi. Walking around the house hooked up to Tidal trying new music, delving into...
Autobahn (2009 Remastered) by Kraftwerk via Tidal. Update: finished listening to Calvin Harris' Motion on CD which I ripped to flac, naturally... Gotta have my lossless. Album was better than anticipated.
I like it DARK. But I will put up with classy fine grained analogue sound and oversample. Its counterintuitive, but it works if you have various material, sources, cans, and moods. Call me a clutterbug if you will, but the best I've gotten to so far is a finely remastered ambient techno track, digital SPDIF, FiiO E17 on lowest gain highest volume, with artificial widening via treble at +10dB, treble at +10dB, as preamp to my SENSE OTL tube amp with quiet Amperex tubes,...
HILARIOUS! I like P!NK when she gets raw. Those are good tacks n albums. BTW. Pink Noise is just one of the many various noise spectrum types, useful for many things.
Thank You KetchupNinja, I just posted payment with JDS Labs for an OTG cable which looks identical to the one from Toxic's listing (which doesn't seem to be active anymore) I'll find out in a few days and post back!!
I'd have to find myself agreeing with the point about "as long as we listen to crap masters", though i do find the merits of the test intriguing.
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