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 As you mentioned, Fit and comfort depend on the individual users ear canal, and comfort level with medium to deep insertion. I found the stock foams that Etymotic includes to be very uncomfortable. However the Comply-P series tips were a fantastic upgrade in comfort for me compared to the stock foams or silicone triple-flange tips. The extended tube didn't bother me. I was just pitching in with my experience. I hope you all find something that is comfortable for you,...
I have this on order. I wanted a Windows Tablet. Liked that it has a fully laminated screen. We'll see how it works out.   After scouring the web with Google and then Bing, I can't find any info on the DAC used in this tablet.   Curious about Digital Audio Out via USB. I know, I know, this would probably be easier if I'd gotten the Android version, but hey, read the first line...   So, I'm curious if anybody in the forum has one of these and/or any info on USB...
Try the Comply P-Series foam eartips. Really nice. Way more comfort.
Ah, thanks for putting the Mary Poppins reference in a clearer perspective. You're right, every single review I've read about the q-jays have been extremely positive.
I'm interested in a direct comparison betwwn these q-JAYS 2.0 and the DUNU DN-2000J. If you have or can borrow these for comparison, it would be welcome.
 Hi veikko77, I ordered the Piston earphones from (USA site). I ordered the RE Series Bi-Flange tips from the HiFiMAN site (here is a direct link: ). Hope you enjoy them. I switch back and forth between these and the stock triple-flange tips.
NOTICE:    This ATH-AD2000 have been fully refurbished by the manufacturer. Audio-Technica Parts USA has replaced the cable, with a new, stock cable. Additionally the ear pads, and wing pads were replaced.      FOR SALE: ATH-AD2000:   Up for your consideration are an Original Generation pair of ATH-AD2000 Open Air Headphones. There are two generations of this headphone. The original ATH-AD200 like these, now unavailable new; and a newer generation named ATH-AD2000x....
I have some protein leather earpads from NVX that are angled. They're nice.
I really like my Silver version 2.1 Pistons.    Here's a pretty picture:     Those are the HiFiMAN RE Tips on them.
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