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This is a nice looking model. Personally, I think the Blue colorscheme would be a tad bit nicer with the white pads from the White colorscheme, to match the arms on the Blue one.    Agree that this appears like a modern twist on the PortaPro, but with a semi-open design.   Should be a lot of fun for carry-along 'phones.   Looking forward to more impressions.
Definitely, as long as you don't have really small ear openings; these DO have rather large 16mm drivers, and the housings (in ear bud mode) need a bit of room to fit.
The analog tube noise (without signal) can be completely eliminated by using an impedance adapter between the amp and the headphones/earphones. 300ohm works perfectly.
Some pads that have worked well for me are the NVX XRE100A (Angled) and XRE100S (Straight) Protein Leather earpads. They're available from Sonic Electronix, although I'm not certain the XRE100A is offered seperately from the XPT100 Headphone (Brainwavz HM5 clone) anymore...   Anyhow, the XRE100A & XRE100S pads have a lip on the baffle side that comes in quite far from the edge, and fits the Creative Aurvana Live! almost perfectly, as well as being very thin as...
This thing is pretty in silver...
I'm keenly interested in this bit of info myself... Someone with a DX90 please audition these and speak up! xD
I've updated my Review in the First Post, it now is expanded with a collection of additional Footnotes, and a set of pictures showing the ALPHA 1 with each item in the fit kit, as well as without a ring on it. If you need more viewing angles, let me know. The isolation as I mention in the Footnotes varies. With the Silicone Flange Ring, "IEM Mode" so to say, it is like a closed headphone that is "lightly isolating"; and with other rings, it is like an open air earphone. As...
I hope my updated Review answers your questions adequately. Sorry for the wait!
I have the DN-19 Tai Chi, and those are also good. I'll consider reviewing them soon.
    I'll begin by stating I have no affiliation with DUNU-Topsound, and I'll apologize for any confusion to anybody who may have read this, when I originally mis-posted my impressions as a footnote on the Sponsor's Launch Thread for the ALPHA 1 which is here.   That said, I will now begin with my Impression of the ALPHA 1.   My initial impression is a good one. The package arrived quickly by courier and the presentation box is very nice and was sealed with shrink...
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