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Posts by ipooptoomuch I don't think its working as the Gungnir only sounding 20% better than the Xonar DG without pass through, however I JUST received the Gungnir in the mail and powered it on and I am using a Fiio E17 as the amplifier. Also does anybody know how I can get the pass through to work as ASIO?
My HD 650 were made in Ireland, purchased last November.
How does the headphone amplifier in this compare to the Mjolir? Is it a real balanced amp from input to output?
Fiio E17+E09K or Fiio E18?. Both will be using my desktop and Ipod touch as primary source and I can't afford a new tablet. Only thing I care about is sound quality!   By the way did anybody ever get those 35 dollar android 4.2 tablets working with the E18? They run android 4.2 and they have a usb port so I don't see whats stopping someone from hacking an E18 to run on this!
I have a Playstation 3, and an E09k desktop amp connected to HD650s. Is it worth it getting a converter box to convert the optical out into a $100 1 foot long analog RCA out into my E09K amp? I also have a Fiio E18 if that helps at all.
I just called and they said it was sold directly from the add to cart button on this page ( I guess my memory was wrong about using the re sellers. Life lesson, don't shop on Klonopins :)
The HD 650's weren't shrink wrapped, is it possible the seller just took used headphones and repackaged and sold them as new? The headphones weren't smelly or anything. I ended up paying $479.68 for a seller that had 2,000+ feedback. The outside of the silver box had a few dents in it.   So since I have a new EO9K and (probably) new HD 650's do I have to burn them in separately? Just for the record i have 4 anxiety disorder so maybe its just buyers anxiety :P   I...
Which should I use to play my music? An M-Audio Audiophile USB spdif out connected to my Fiio E17, or the Fiio's USB soundcard capabilities?
I dropped it and now the only way to turn it on is to pry open the case and short out these 2 metal things. Otherwise it works fine. $5 for the shipping and it's all yours.
Pretty sure its the headphone out jack that's failing, It turns on and plays music it just randomly shorts out in one ear or both at times. Pay me 5 dollars for the shipping and the padded envelope and you will get the Fiio e5. I'm pretty sure you could pry it open and fix it with a soldering iron.
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