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I fear that the plug on my Grado SR-60's may be starting to go, as it is starting to cut out the right speaker depending on the angle of the wire near the plug.   So I am probably going to just replace the cables entirely with some that are better quality and have better shielding.   I've seen this done before but I have no idea where to buy good cable with shielding that I could use for this mod, any suggestions? Thanks :)
Thanks for the input. I guess I mostly didn't know why I would really need an amp, but now that I do I think I'll defidently hold off getting one.
Hello all I'm new here so bear with me, I've been into audio and music for a good part of my life, and recently since I've gotten out of high school and gotten a real job, i've been beginning to put more money into improving my listening experience. I've had a pair of Grado SR-60 for about a year, and I love them. Recently (they're arriving tommorrow) I ordered a pair of Sennheiser PC 350's for use with my computer, as well as a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium....
New Posts  All Forums: