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/me afraid to leave the house today.
my 3rd Gjallahorn.
Got another Vision of Confluence, chatter white, aaaaaand...
Calling friendlies for a VoG normal raid?
Any deals on DACs?
Okay! And, I know I'm probably the only one who actually enjoys Crucible as a break from PvE from time to time XD
Cavalli website seems to be running much smoother now, and apparently they still have some stock. I snagged one
Or see if you like EQ'ing down the treble a bit. The X7 can do it, so it's worth a shot. I found the less bright DT880 to be too... Well, almost tinny for my tastes (hollow mids) but the treble was still too bright and eventually painful for me on all of my amps. So, I wouldn't personally choose a DT in the first place, but if you already have them and don't feel like selling them, then a little EQ tweak might be enjoyable.
Wow, catching up on this thread from being away for three days was less headache than expected! SlickNick, Porksword, and Knallie, To simply experience headphone surround, a $25 Turtle Beach DSS (first one, not DSS2) will also use Dolby headphone processing and sound pretty good. A Tritton AX720+ processor or Astro Mixamp will also use Dolby Headphone, they don't improve the sound quality over the DSS (actually have lower quality amps, with background hiss and less...
Hey guys, back from a wedding! Not mine. Hope to play tomorrow
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