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"HeadPhile" First Meet Pittsburghers, Ohioans, West Virginians, and any head-fi'ers in the area... Can't make it to RMAF? Wanna hear the latest and greatest headphones and gear (and even some sweet speakers)? Just always wished there was a head-fi meet in the NorthEast? Come to the first HeadPhile meet! Craig (@BunnyNamedFrank) and myself (@EvShrug) have coordinated with local store Music To My Ear (a division of Northern Audio) to start making a semi-regular Head-Fi...
I could sort of see Sancuary's issue here, if he is an early adopter of an HDR tv. But there are solutions here as LajostheHun, Dr. Strangelove, and even yourself have pointed out. No need to worry about a "PC graphics card with dual HDMI outputs," as you can output bitstreamed DTS or Dolby over optical or just plug the Realiser in through USB. All but one of the current consoles won't be an issue either, as you can just use optical (as you pointed out). My first-Gen PS4...
The DT990 was originally spec'd as a competitor to the HD650! The difference between the Pro and Premium models is clamp pressure (some say pad material is different). MLE has had like... 5 different DT990 headphones.
But that's Battlefront.
American Express charged me a foreign transaction fee, the Kickstarter program for the Realizer was paid in British Sterling Pounds.Wait already began!!! I don't expect to see something till June/July, not because I doubt Smith, just that minor delays is usually how these things go.
Free as in you can play it this weekend, or free as in you can "buy" them for $0 and play them for as long as you want?I don't disagree with Yethal, the modmic may simply need phantom power. But I can think of two options to try out:1.) PS4 settings > Devices > Microphone Gain.Try turning up the gain a bit, the PS4 plays back the mic so you can hear for yourself how loud you are. (Mic Monitoring!!! 2.) I use a separate, USB Mic.Works great. I tried just plugging a lapel...
Looking forward to impressions! I'd agree with many here about the comfort, even with the leather/pleather pads. I found the sound quite satisfying, wonder how you'll describe it?Almost time! But of course, let the man have his full week (and shipping time). Still, it should be an interesting compliment to the HD800... more intimate soundstage (details are more up front), but also easier to listen to and relax to because it has less treble energy.
I don't know, but it shouldn't be hard to find an adapter to duplicate or strip the audio from the HDMI going to the TV and connect to the Realiser, or connect the Realiser to a TV output.
Not really headphone agnostic... Just like virtual surround works better with fast and detailed headphones, the Realiser will work best with headphones that are very transparent and respond well to EQ, as well as transfer as many little nuances as possible and perform at or close to the performance of the speakers being emulated.
The PS4's dedicated audio processor is AMD's TrueAudio APU, built-in to the GPU but having its own resources. It is capable of true 3D audio, just (almost) no games take advantage of it yet. Thief (maybe), and Lichdom: Battlemage (maybe, maybe PC only).It may well be used for the 7.1 surround heard in the PS Gold headset. But those headphones feel super cheap and pretty uncomfortable. When Sony is left to process surround for themself, they have a poor track record with...
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