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I don't constantly fiddle with the volume, so yeah I've learned to live with waiting 2 seconds when I first start a game or movie, and leave it set for the next few hours. I also don't watch TV (with loud commercials), so I don't have to deal with sudden volume changes, but if I did I would use the smart volume feature. Totally a non-issue for me.
Unless the fiancé can make a compelling counter-argument, I'm going to make an A16 happen in my home, one way or another. I've squirreled away money, I'm trying to sell some things, and two in-laws are determined to do our catering (actually despite our wishes) at my wedding, and the Realiser is one thing I've really wanted since hearing about it years ago. A personalized EQ for your head and headphones, head tracking, 16 virtual speaker support for a truly 3D directional...
The elephant in the room, of course, is audio tailored for VR, in my opinion especially for the PlayStation VR. The only future upgrade over the Realizer (that I can think of) doesn't exist, where surround positioning is calculated before funneling it down into distinct channels (like the old OpenAL games that never took off, or maybe the Binaural content coming out in future VR games/movies) without losing the personalized HRTF in Smyth's products. I want the room to...
Interesting question, but I don't think the Kickstarter will ultimately determine the A16's long-term success.I read a pretty eloquent and thought-provoking article on LinkedIn yesterday about Pokémon Go "hitting its popularity peak" and how getting past that peak will be good for the game and the overall income for the game developers. Recommended read:...
By all accounts, the DT1770 was a fair jump in SQ upgrade over the DT770, so things look promising for the DT1990. For you gents who tried the DT990 and DT880, which had the sharper/more irritating treble? I realized the DT880 was going too fatiguing for me to keep, but I really liked the T51p small portable and occasionally jones for it Change, thanks for attributing supernatural foresight to me! But yeah, the DT1990 was mentioned in a few Head-Fi places and Rudyrae...
The DT1770? Not particularly in need of a closed headphone right now
^someone has to not like them enough to return them... Lol!
The DT1770 has been a big hit. People were clamoring for it at RMAF. Could be cool if it fills the $400-$500 gap with commensurate value, and has a less divisive treble experience.
TRS = left channel, right channel, and ground. TRRS = left channel, right channel, microphone, ground. The mic is built into the BoomPro cable and there is no need for a mic channel in the headphone itself, therefore just TRS. Another way to figure it out in the future: what is the plug on the boompro that plugs into the headphone side? In this case, a male TRS. Find the mate of that (a female TRS) and you've got it. Sorry Rudy, 19 hours of facepalm
I use high gain mode with my 300 ohm Sennheiser HD800's, but honestly it strays kinda close to the bottom volume setting, and I've accidentally gone to mute sometimes when trying to play quietly.
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