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Any suggested short lightning cables I could buy from Amazon (with gift cards)? Good ergonomics for cargo pocket/vest use a plus!
No need to apologize, I just misunderstood what you were seconding! But I get it now The A16 will in fact come with some generalized presets, which the A8's generic presets greatly impressed my friends that tried it out at CanJam: Southern California. Having the head tracking to keep the position of the virtual speakers stationary apparently goes a long way towards the realism and sense of directional imagery, and generic presets have been used by years in the gaming...
You'Ll second your own request?Well, to answer your questions: Yes.The Smyth Realiser A16 serves as a surround processor, DAC, and amp. So it does well as a stand alone.But it also has an analog line output so you can connect your Darkstar or any other amp directly to the DAC output of the A16.It also has optical and Coax digital outputs, so you could use the A16 as "just" a processor and connect it to a DAC (and the rest of your audio chain).I found that out and thought...
Well, the Dharma does pretty much everything well, but IMO it does imaging and soundstage EXCEPTIONALLY well. That treble is special, but it is also a little more "highlighted" than I would call neutral. The low distortion does a significant job of keeping it from being fatiguing. Meanwhile, I think the Elear is good at everything with ease, a meaty timbre without defects like in the HD700 (which started it's life out at $1,000 too!!!), but it doesn't have the extra...
Oh the Dharma eh? What happened to the Omni? Too close to what you already have?
OT, but I recently had the chance to demo a pair of DT770 Pro plugged into a current-mode amp by Questyle... huge HUGE leap up in quality from plugging straight into my iPhone 6S. Song A/B'd went from having bass notes to having bass guitars, if you know what I mean.
Hunched, the irony is that Lenroot is being super polite and not mentioning that he has had a pair of K712's on the classifieds for awhile. He loves them, and so did I... but there isn't really a reason to keep them if you have an HD800, LOL!The HD800 is the better sounding headphone, but I'm just as comfortable recommending the K712, I think it's the better value headphone. Both were targeting a similar sound Signature.I think it was actually Mad. And others. The AI is...
Yeah, it kinda reminds me of the Rocketeer's helmet!
Ah, dude, it's like the great equalizer. Any impedance issues for a headphone are erased, and reveal a good insight into the max potential or at least the near top potential of whatever headphone you put into it. I mean, there are other super great amps and DACs, it's just the Questyle does something unique and sounds really really good. You shouldn't skimp the chance to hear a Mojo too, though!
Pretty great used price!Also! Just had someone text me that the SoundBlaster G5 is on clearance at Best Buy for 50% off, so $75. Still only surround for PC, but with either stereo or PC gaming that's a pretty unbeatable amp/DAC/Processor price. Not as great a deal as the DSS2 (oh, and with a bundled headset that I gave to a friend) that was $1 after rebates, but it's the deal now and a fair upgrade!
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