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Ironically, I hope to start twitch streaming some MGSV Phantom Pain this coming Sunday, midday!Well, it should! Dolby Headphone is entirely 2D, a circle with no height/azimuth/Z-axis cues encoded into it at all! Blizzard paid a bit more to get Dolby Atmos into their game, I wish it was the norm instead of the exception. Perhaps it will start a trend
The MicroZotl (if I spelled that correctly) is a SUPER impressive Amp! These days I mostly contribute through product reviews, so I'm not mad if I'm not particularly seen as the FAQ guy. Got some more reviews in the pipeline actually: Shanling M1 DAP, Katana monitor soundbar (with headphone surround!), and a whole bunch of videos.
Nothing else like the Creative X7 right now. I have a DSS, DSS2, the only output on those is the headphone jack. The Mixamp 5.8 (own one of those too, check out my overview video on YouTube) has an optical output but I didn't mention it, because it just passes through the home theater speaker mix without applying any DSP. Currently, the X7 is the only DSP that will output a headphone VSS through line-out or optical-out FOR CONSOLES (a few PC sound cards do this).The Mixamp...
^you get one? I've heard good things about it, but not auditioned it personally. I think Music to My Ear will be geographically less of a journey for you
Still being "that guy," I see.
Beat me to it! But I like my Mojo too!
The Mojo is good as a standalone unit, as any DAC/Amp is, although the Amp section is designed with a very short path, no potentiometer for volume control (volume is controlled digitally), and in a simplification one could say the Mojo "doesn't have an amp" even though functionally it acts as if it does have an amp. So, you could use the Mojo by itself or as a DAC connected to another Amp with good results either way.
Put up a (not perfect, but pretty smooth) Titanfall 2 Gauntlet speed run with a final time of 37 seconds, 40 milliseconds. Anyone interested if I stream the first few campaign levels? I'm EvShrug on Twitch too!
Woo! Certainly was a great show! Another big one for my second CanJam... I think I'm spoiled. Thanks for including some of my photos... the Sennheiser pop-up was a great lead-up into the CanJam proper. Super-Bowling was also really fun, and a great opportunity to get to know some of the other community members and a few industry insiders... and get arm cramps from bowling so many frames! Table tennis with @moedawg140 was also super memorable! Good times all around, but the...
Hey sounds, are these the MA900 precursors? Pretty well regarded IIRC. These aren't the Qualia, right?Uh, ok, I see what is happening here. Turning on "Headphone" and "surround" mode in game settings creates it's own VSS, which you are then doubling the processing with Dolby Headphone from the Mixamp. To make matters worse than merely doubling the effect, the output from "headphone" mode in BF1 is simply 2-channel stereo, so instead of Dolby Headphone working with 5.1-7.1...
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