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Impressive setups!   You guys are taking it to a whole new level!
A couple of pictures I wanted to share.   I just got these today and so far I am really happy with the purchase.   Considering I only listened to them for about 10 minutes before I decided to buy them.   After unboxing and using them for a few hours. I have no regrets and it's like feeding my ears cupcakes.   It sounds so sweet.   Comparing them to my HD800 headphones, I'm hearing tonal crispy sounds from cymbals that I didn't notice before.   I read that these...
The HDVA 600 amplifer used to be listed on the Sennheiser website as a recommended product for the HD800, but now only the HDVD 800 is recommended.   I also see that retailers are listing the HDVA 600 discounted from the original MSRP of $1600.   Does anyone know if the amplifier has been discontinued?   Seems odd to me, but is it because it wasn't selling or is it because the HDVD 800 is much better?   I like to hear anyone's opinion on this amplifier.
That could be good depending on who it is.
 5. I'm still going to talk to my friend, but I won't accept invites to his house. I doubt I will be invited anyways. My friend and I have been going to the LA Auto Show every year. I'm sure that won't change. His wife doesn't come and it's a guy's day. Unfortunately, I won't being seeing or talking to him as much as I used to. I'm sure his wife doesn't like him calling me nowadays, since she is pissed off at me. But it's time to put some distance between me and my friend....
Yeah, I think that had something to do with it. And I know better now. Just goes to show how fragile relationships are, his wife is still mad at me and my friend can't talk to me much because she won't be happy about it. In my opinion, she was not happy about the situation and was not feeling well, and decided to curse at me. But I would think after she cooled down, she might feel she was wrong, but she is still pissed at me.
My friend was standing 10 feet away and he heard the whole thing. Afterwards, he told me his wife is moody, and he told me to just wait and she will forget the whole thing later. I'm thinking the next time we hang out it will be at the auto show, because I know his wife won't be coming.
 Good point, I'm not too sure if she was happy about the idea of me coming along, but my friend asked me to come partly because he knows that I know where all the good camping and fishing spot are. He also knows that I have been camping in this area more than he has. When I took over to cook the eggs, because we camping there isn't anywhere to sit besides the picnic table. That's why she was sitting there next to the stove. Also, now that you mention it. I didn't bother to...
I think because she told me she had a headache, I should have been more careful what I say to her.   But even if I had a headache, it's really overboard to call someone the "f" word.
I know there are bigger problems in this world, but I just thought I would tell this story to see if anyone else has the same problem.   So, my friend ask me if I want to go camping with him, his wife, and two kids.   First day we go camping and I went fishing and it was fun, I caught 2 trout by the lakeside and everything was good.   The next day in the morning, my friend's wife tells me she is having a terrible headache and if I can take over cooking the eggs for...
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