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Good question.   If you ask a cow, he will probably say it's unethical.   If you ask a guy who likes to eat hamburgers, he will probably say it is ethical.
  It's more about my new chair. I bought my headphone setup a while back.
    Last year I was in Paris and I wanted to try eating some Foie Gra.   There are a lot of different varieties of it, and most of the Foie Gra that I tried, I didn't like it.   Most people eat Foie Gra cold with toast. This type is also usually mixed with other ingredients similar to our American meat loaf.   But if you ever get an opportunity to eat raw Foie Gra like in this picture of the salad.   Or pan fried on sliced beets with some sea salt. It...
Its the military version of the stock gshock.   I like it, but it's double the price of the standard model.
I've been wanting one of these for a while.   Finally decided to get one because I needed a beater to wear while I work outside.   It's a classic, I hope it doesn't look too nerdy.  
I also wanted to mention that it is still under the original 5 year warranty.
I have a mint condition Wyred4Sound DAC 2.   I bought it in Dec 2010 and I paid $1651 including tax.   Absolute Sound Winner 2011, 2012, and 2013.   I won't write too much about the DAC, probably better to read about it at the Wyred4Sound website or the review on Absolute Sound.   Anyhow, I'm selling because I'm just too busy nowadays and have not had any time to do any critical listening with high-end audio.   I just use my earbuds and my...
After listening to the VR07 BE for the past two days. I know there are plenty of reviews on these IEMs already. Also, I haven't listened to many top tier IEMs to do a comparison.   But overall, I think these are pretty nice IEMS. The fit in my ears is very snug and confortable. I think this is because of the shape of the IEM.   The bass, I'm used to listening to the bass on my HD800, so it is a different experience. Can't really comment on it...
I got mine yesterday.          
Opps. Wrong thread  
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