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I sent you a PM the other day. Is the item still for sale?
Quote: Is there anything in this idea? Or is the BHSE neutral? (I assumed it was...)  
Overkill is enough.
That's great news, especially that the chassis will be BHSE direction not KGSS direction. (WAF of KGSS is very low in my household.)
How likely is that, do you think?
  I have bought from EIFL (most recently two years ago) and also recommended them to a friend. Koji always wants to quote in US Dollars (even to me in Europe) and so the prices change all the time because of the exchange rate. The price I got for my 404LE 2 years ago was still the best I could find at the time, and it arrived safely and quickly.   My friend bought two complete Stax sets from EIFL and was totally happy. When one of them went wrong (he is no DIYer) he...
I read you elsewhere saying that T1S/T1W add the extra features over T1 (including balanced) by adding circuitry, and therefore sound slightly worse than T1. (I hope I haven't misquoted you.)   Just curious: are there other Stax amps which have balanced inputs designed in from the start, without having to add extra circuitry?
SRM-T1. I know I need to listen to a lot more gear to get some perspective...
I guess that's what I think of as the "flubbery" bass of my 404LEs? I had blamed the amp for that. If it's the phones then I guess I should just go SR-007...
Sorry to hear that. I had the same sort of trouble with my humble 404LE.
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