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Quote: Originally Posted by z50j Brand name Not totally correct. Look at Bose...
Guys, I recently bought a pair of Nuforce NE7Ms. However, the sound quality i have recieved so far has been nothing short of muddy. I think that a burn-in could solve the problem. NE7M users: how long did you burn in your NE7Ms? Thanks! Edit: I am using the foamies.
Try the Nuforce NE-7Ms.
Thanks for the guide! Another sticky vote.
Quote: Originally Posted by jsmithepa Since u been listening for 50 years, u MUST know what YOU LIKE. Technical has nothing to do with it. As u stated, there are lots of subjective measures (and valid for that user), but (back to paragraph#1), that's one area of criteria u must have an abundance of. The only thing "objective" that I can think of is the shape of the phones, some of which are designed to be worn over-the-ear. Sum ppl just don't like...
Quote: Originally Posted by nycbone NYC subways must be noisier than those in Singapore. In any case, subway noise is almost more pleasing to the ear than music heard through the CX300. Truly dreadful. This is a partial hijack :P Yup, i've been to NYC, they are noisier. Did you burn your CX300 in? They're pretty nice after burn in.
Quote: Originally Posted by nycbone I tried the CX300. Isolation is poor, particularly while riding on public transportation.. Disagree. When driven by my iPod touch 2G, and with 50-60% volume, the CX300s isolate sufficiently well, though you might not be totally isolated.
Sennheiser CX300 fits your budget, has good noise isolation, is comfortable and has good sound quality and good bass. They're available from $20 from Amazon last i checked. Edit: I am also a frequent subway commuter. These isolate well when travelling on the train. Get them!
x2 for the Etymotics.
Quote: Originally Posted by montell 1) they dont isolate at all This is very strange. Are you sure that you got a proper fit with the IE8s? IEMs, even lower-end one should provide at least a bit of isolation if inserted properly.
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