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Hi all, looking for a JH Cable that has iPhone remote controls on it. Whether it is DIY or modified from other cables. So yea, looking for one with 3 buttons, not just 1 button for mic, but all 3 buttons. Preferably dealing in Singapore, but I know its hard to source for this cable, so I'm open to offers from overseas as well. Just leave a post here or drop me a PM, thanks. Price wise, negotiable. I'm using the JH 16
Haha, funny in what sense ? Gotten my JH 16 when I was super crazy on the game "Team Fortress 2", with my favorite character as the "Spy", with my clan name as "|cYs|", as well as IGN as "Chicky" :) Although if I have a choice now, I would have placed Iron man war machine there now haha ! EDIT: But yeah, it might seem alittle weird for others to who looks at my ear while I'm wearing haha :P
JH 16 :)
Still no news for a JH-compatible cable with 3 inline controls? Not just the start stop button, but also volume up and down for iphone.
A mini bump. JH16 with twag cable sounds awesome with the iphone 5..
Anyone tried the JH iPhone Mic cable or have links to review for them ?
Nice ! Awesome news, not to mention that its a product from JH :) And price seems okay. Wonder if anyone have tried + review it yet.. EDIT: the calculated shipping was:  UPS Worldwide Expedited Rate: $81.20. Is that suppose to be the total cost or just for shipping alone ?! EDIT2: omg, the $81.20 is for Shipping ALONE. Totals up to $136.15 to get to singapore..  Seriously ? $81.20 for shipping ?! wth.
Anyone of you guys found iPhone cables for your JH Customs ?
Hi Head Fi, been a long time since I've frequent the forum after getting my JH-16 Pro + Whiplash TWag V2 cables. To my surprised, Whiplash's sub-forum was archived, though i'm not sure what happened.. I also remember UE wanting to make an iPhone cable for JH/UE customs in the past.. So is there any iPhone cables for JH Customs out in the market already ? Much thanks for any help given.
Just bought the icon HD. Love the option to get one with a cheaper price while having the "extra" features taken.   By the way, are there any JH16 and icon HD users out there ? Seems like my JH16 sensitivity and low impedance is causing obvious hissing.   Whereas on my meier audio stageDac and corda concerto, no hiss was heard, though I was quite certain concerto is one of the "rare" desktop amps that does not hiss with the ultra sensitive JH16. Else,...
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