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for sale are these Grado SR325. Perfect condition.   I bought these as Grado SR325e but after talking to Grado I found out that these are SR325. The Box they came in however is from the SR325e.   shipping from Germany. insured shipping cost to germany : 5€ to europe: 11€
provisionally sold
For Sale are these Sennheiser HD 800.   They are working fine, but have some signs of usage.   In some places the paint chipped which I touched up with a silver oilpen. Its the exact same colour, so its only visible when closely inspected. The mesh in front of the drivers have been removed. One screw is different as the others (the ones that hold the driver assembly). If you want to have this one screw original for cosmetiv purposes you can order them from Sennheiser...
I want to buy your used Sennheiser HD 800 earpads. I'm not expecting them to be perfect, just as long as they're not damaged - like ripped or smoked.   Mine got destroyed when I tried to wash them unfortunately and im not able to afford new ones atm.   thanks
how do they paint the outer ring and preserve/or change the writing on them? it boggles my mind how thats possible?
I've been reading up on the Lambda Pro for hours now and find a lot of conflicting opinions regarding their qualities. Some say its one of the best headphones of all time, even rivaling the high-end Omega's. Others find them to be inferior to beginner Staxes like the SR-207 with reasons such as being old technology and having piercing highs. I would like to hear some more insight from users who had the opportunity to compare them to other, newer models.
redox - a normal chemical reaction causes this.
good looking! will this yet again set the bar for what a cheap IEM can offer?
Selling a Sennheiser HD 650. Fully working order. Cleaned inside and out. Pads and Head Cushion habe been washed and cleaned.   The headband, like on many other HD 650, has snapped. I repaired it with a metal headband on top as you can see in the pictures. It's now back to normal and has a fresh look for those who like it :) (The last 1cm on the right side goes in a little stiff but it works. Has been strenghtened underneath with GRP).   Get yourself this one-off for...
Selling my Ultimate Ears 10 which have rarely been used. Very good condition, very clean, perfect sound.   Included is everything you see in the picture: original cable, box, packaging, papers, cleaning tool. (and a set of original tips not seen in the pic) cable has had a new 3.5mm plug installed, old one had a loose connection.   shipping from germany to all of europe. 5€ for registered airmail or 10€ as DHL package.
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