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yea you have to pull them off. and yes, you can get them back on the same way. its a little fiddly but once you get the hang of it, its easy. most headphones have the pads attached this way.   true, comfort isnt great. i'm using Turtle Beach pads, takes 2-3 times longer with them until it gets uncomfortable.
get this baby back in the spotlight yo!   listening to these out of a O2+Odac = amazing!!!   thumping bass and just an all around spectacular fun sound with no weaknesses.
 why not order them from germany? have them on sale for 379€ and they do ship to denmark promo code: beyerdynt90
 exactly! with good recordings there is no sibliance with the T90. It just reproduces the sound of the recording and doesn't take anything away, good or bad. Some people don't like that so there are headphones that are rolled off or mask that sound. For me, I rather have that detail and clear sound, thats what good headphones are for.
For sale are my HifiMAN HE-500 Headphones.   These are the newest version with the silver cable and Box. Bought on the 26th of July in the german headphone shop madooma.   Great condition and working perfectly.   Included is everything from the original sale as you can see on the photos: HE-500, 2 sets of pads: leather and velour, cable, adaptors, Box, Manuals, receipt.   located in germany. Shipping inside Germany is 6€, inside Europe 15€ with DHL...
when I think of what sets the HD 800 apart the most from cheaper headphones its the technological side, not so much the tonality: Details, soundstage, speed, clarity. Considering this I would say that a T90 comes very close to that at a good price. Some say its 98% of what the T1 is ;)   Dont be afraid of the Beyerpeak: its easily equalized as the T90 resonds perfect to that.
Selling my Asus Xonar Essence ST which is working perfectly and is in good condition.   Accessiories included as pictured.     Shipping to Germany is 5€, anywhere else in Europe 15€ with DHL insured shipping.
where in scandinavia are you? how much is shipping to either denmark or germany?
For sale is my Sony NWZ F806 in blue. Bought it last year from a guy on this forum and selling it due to using another Sony DAP with physical buttons. I think its a limited japanese Model and has english and japanese language installed.   It has some signs of wear: a little rash in the corner and 2 bumps on the back. Its working perfect and sounds great! Included are the original Sony IEM's (unused) that came with them and the data cable.   Shipping from germany to...
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