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good looking! will this yet again set the bar for what a cheap IEM can offer?
Selling a Sennheiser HD 650. Fully working order. Cleaned inside and out. Pads and Head Cushion habe been washed and cleaned.   The headband, like on many other HD 650, has snapped. I repaired it with a metal headband on top as you can see in the pictures. It's now back to normal and has a fresh look for those who like it :) (The last 1cm on the right side goes in a little stiff but it works. Has been strenghtened underneath with GRP).   Get yourself this one-off for...
Selling my Ultimate Ears 10 which have rarely been used. Very good condition, very clean, perfect sound.   Included is everything you see in the picture: original cable, box, packaging, papers, cleaning tool. (and a set of original tips not seen in the pic) cable has had a new 3.5mm plug installed, old one had a loose connection.   shipping from germany to all of europe. 5€ for registered airmail or 10€ as DHL package.
Selling one Ultimate Ears 10 earpiece as shown in the pictures. It's the one marked "L"   Reason for selling is that I lost the other one. It's working fine and is in good condition. no other accessoires included.   Shipping from Germany with registered Post for 5€ Worldwide. If paying with paypal add 3% to the total.
Selling Westone UM Pro 30 in Smoke Grey. Comes with everything seen in the picture: Tips, cleaning stick, papers, Box.   These sound great, just like they should :)     Shipping from Germany with DHL insured to anywhere in Europe for 10€. If paying with paypal add 3% to the total.
Somic MH415. Black.   Used for maximum of 10 Minutes. Immaculate condition. All accessoires included. No packaging.   Price: 20€     Shipping from Germany. Shipping cost Worldwide is 3,45€ with German Post. Paypal payment +3%.
i know this if hype-fi but i appreciate your honest opinion! :)   i already ordered them a week ago but shipping takes about a month from china so i was curious how others thought of them. I ordered 5 cheap pairs of iems in total and I'm looking forward to comparing them.   most people seem to like the pistons the most but I'm not sure how they hold up on outside use since they're pretty open. The somics should isolate better.
Did anybody listened the mh415? If so, i would like to know more about it:)
For Sale is my Digitech Headphone. It has rarely been used, so the condition is good.   Included is the detachable cable, carrying case and box.     Shipping to germany is 5€. Other european countries more, just ask.
yea you have to pull them off. and yes, you can get them back on the same way. its a little fiddly but once you get the hang of it, its easy. most headphones have the pads attached this way.   true, comfort isnt great. i'm using Turtle Beach pads, takes 2-3 times longer with them until it gets uncomfortable.
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