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Thanks for the link Cidious!  That page has some good information about changes to six capacitors in the 2013 revision of the board.
 Which vendor did you get the nickel plated board from? It looks to be of very nice quality.Thanks for sharing your builds!
 This would be a great idea! Unfortunately, I don't know if I can devote the time to this right now, I'm moving cross country and starting a new job. Most of the information is present in the thread, I've tried my best to link up all contribution to the first post. There are several versions of the board floating around. I assume they were all cloned from the original Lehmann Black Cube Linear. I've seen some with components moved around and in different places but the...
 Nice! So which of you have the control of the volume :)
 I have no experience with this mod. Try it and let us know how it turns out. What type of battery are you planning on using to supply the 15V DC?
 Thanks! I've updated the first post with the correct schematics.
Just got my molds done today! Giving InEarz a call tomorrow! 
Mark me down as a maybe. I haven't been to a Chi Uni Fi since the very first one!   I guess I can bring my ATH-W1000x's if no one else is bringing one. 
Looking for a gently used Audio Technica headphone stand either the old AT-HPS500 or the current AT-HPS550
Unplug all  your sources. Do you still have ground noise with just the power and headphones plugged in? Try another electrical socket also.
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