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Just got my molds done today! Giving InEarz a call tomorrow! 
Mark me down as a maybe. I haven't been to a Chi Uni Fi since the very first one!   I guess I can bring my ATH-W1000x's if no one else is bringing one. 
Looking for a gently used Audio Technica headphone stand either the old AT-HPS500 or the current AT-HPS550
Unplug all  your sources. Do you still have ground noise with just the power and headphones plugged in? Try another electrical socket also.
I took a little hiatus from being a head-fi'er so it's been a while since I've checked in on this thread. I'm happy to see it's still going strong after all these years. Sometime this week I'll catch up on all the posts and update the links on the first post.
Unsoldering that chip is a pain, I had to use a small blow torch. Have you double checked/reflowed your solder around the chip and usb adapter?  
I replace mine with a set of satellites off an old Monsoon planar speakers. Love the way they look and sound.
    Here's a tip from Stephen one of the ebay sellers of the Lovely Cube board. Which reminds me. Make sure your input is AC!    
  I am inclined to agree. Double check the polarities of all your components, something is on backword or there maybe a short/bad soldier joint someplace.
          15-0-15v 1A    I've also used a 18-0-18V 1A with no ill effects other than a little more heat.   Toriods are usually better than most wall warts. They do sell toroid-in-a-box that look like wall warts, else hunt around ebay for "medical grade" power supplies.
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