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I've had Triple.Fi 10's for a long time. I'm really curious where they would end up in this list.
Good to know, thanks for the replies all. I'll add that to my consideration list.
I assumed it was the SR80i, but I read someone say it was the SR125i... Just hoping for quick clarification! Thanks!
I've seen that there are a couple of nice Creative headphones out there, and since I'm in the market for a headset, or possibly a headphone + microphone combo, I wanted to know if anyone had any particular experience with this product. Here's the product page and specification page: Product Page Specs Page Thanks!
Hey all, I'm in the market for some nice headphones for my PC. Of course, on a budget, but I have a pretty decent sound card to run em on - Xonar Essence STX. What do you all recommend for under $100? The further under the better, but of course, I want something that sounds good. Thanks!
Well guys, it's time for a new headset. I need something with the best sound quality I can find for both speaking as well as listening. I'm currently using a Xonar STX, if it matters. Thanks all!
I went ahead and picked up the Fuze from Costco. I'm sure he'll love it. I'm even a little jealous now. :P
Hi all, I'm looking to buy my father a small flash memory based audio player for Christmas. I'm short on cash at the moment, so I'm hoping to get opinions on the best device right around $50, plus or minus $15 or so. Mainly I'd like to get him something with great battery life, above average sound quality, and ease of use, since he's not quite the best with a PC. I appreciate the help very much. Happy Holidays everyone!
I bought a little 4GB Sansa Clip last week, and I'm now in the market for some new portable earphones/IEMs. I've never really shopped in this category before, so I'm not sure what my options are. I'm looking for something under $100 that will give me the best unamped sound from the device. I listen to all types of music with a higher preference for Rock and R&B. The only thing I really know about are the Koss KSC-75's, which are more portable headphones than...
Hello everyone, I haven't posted on these forums for some time, and I've never really kept up to date on many things regarding portable players, so I'm looking for some educated advice for a friend of mine. They are looking for a new portable music/media player because they would like to hold more (all) of their music collection on the device. They're currently using an 8GB Creative Zen MicroPhoto and have recently acquired a pair of Grado SR-60's. In the past,...
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