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This is a relatively new player. As with most things these days it'll take a few rounds of firmware updates to iron things out. So few things things these days are perfect out of the box. Android is a huge win for this dap.
Dap and Angie are a great pairing. Angie is a pretty neutral phones that grabs great, deep bass when it's in the recording which this dap does well. However this dap isn't going to inject bass. Maybe if you EQ, but I have not messed with that.
Just the first boot. After that it's like 30 seconds.
Ah, got through by signing up with the site. wonderful.
nah it doesn't highlight any problems :/ i'll try some different browsers...
Thanks! I'll check it out
Anyone have trouble ordering from Dignis? I've tried several times and I get "The Information you have entered is invalid D.10"   My info is very valid!!
So the current champion of the tips search is .... One comply "comfort" tip and one comply "isolation" tip, both size large. Good seal with minimal ear socket adjustment. Have to "stretch" the opening a bit to make sure the bore holes aren't covered. There it is. Happy as a clam.
Yes shocking the Verge audience not grasping a purpose-designed device. Having Android on board is more consumer friendly than a boxed in OS. However the OS isn't there to play KOTOR. I'm sure everyone already has a phone for that.
What are your output settings? e.g. balanced, sharp, narrow, etc. I still get some cutouts in offline mode...
New Posts  All Forums: