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I think my ears were broken yesterday. They are just fine today.   Happy to have a quality and LIGHT cable flowing from my HP.
Anyone find these these cables bright out of the box (envelope)? Should I expect them to settle down?
Great, thanks for the charts mates.
 Might some chime in on this? I'm very curious how this stacks up to the "norm". I trust my ears, but would like to know what those more experienced with LCD3F FR see in the chart. Thanks
Yes, that too. I'm trying to make sense of the FR in relation to what we've seen before.
Does this strike anyone as odd for a LCD-3F? Mostly looking at that dip between 2k-4k  
You're right and I should have worded it better. Hifiman has a great house sound and is in its own class. My impression was that Audeze (LCD-2, X) brings a bit of that comfy, warm sound (mostly LCD-2) but their house is on a larger scale. Is that a poor assumption?  I'll admit I have a certain fascination with Audeze.. Unfortunately I have to purchase blind (deaf?) as I'm not able to get a pair on my head locally.
Wanted to mention music. Rock: Beatles, Stones, Bob Mould, Built to Spill, Radiohead, Cure, Neil Young... Folkish: Bonnie Prince Billy, Sun Kil Moon, Juana Molina, Dylan... Etc: XTC, Fiona Apple, Modeselektor, Neutral Milk Hotel, Pavement, Cat Power Not so much Pop, hip hop, classical.
Could use some help/opinions! I'm ready to upgrade.. My main rig is CD -> Bifrost -> Lyr -> HE-500   I really love the HE-500 sound, but I want..more. I definitely want a bigger soundstage, a bit more separation/airiness, and just a little more oomph in the bass.   I've been looking most closely at Audeeze, HD800, T1.. etc. I have a feeling that Audeeze is probably where I will end up.    Most importantly, I don't want to sacrifice too much of those sweet hifiman...
Any perceived changes to sound quality?
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