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 Better listening equipment is already accessible at all price points The challenge of expanding HiFi is changing mainstream attitudes towards music. The majority of music consumers already balk at the premium pay tiers of Spotify, Tidal, etc. because the prevailing consumer attitude is "music is music, I can get it for free, I don't know what compression is or how it affects me." Given the current status quo of mobile phone sources with free-to-cheap streaming services,...
yipes! fixed. thank you
I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the IE800s are the best ******* IEMs of all time and space.   They even come with the most natural EQ around. Want more bass? Push them into your ears till you feel them against your skull. Less bass? Dangle them on the bottom of your ear canal. Nice detailed, neutral (ok, a teensy bit warm)? Wear as normal for an out of head experience.   #ie800foreverandever
"DAPs. When you’re sitting on the subway or working in a noisy open-plan office, do you really need much more than a smartphone and a pair of efficient headphones? This is not a rhetorical question…I’m serious. Are $99-499 DAPs really that much better than phones in real-world use? Are there good reasons for carrying $1,000-$3,500 devices around in your backpack or briefcase? Are there use cases that I’m overlooking? I’m ready to listen, but at the moment, enthusiasm for a...
  This x1000000. You don't need a balanced source, but you do need a balanced HP connection. One cable switcheroo was, for me, the difference between under and over whelmed. As reported, SE is not "bad" but if it is (for some reason) you're only use, you might as well get a different amp.
The IE800s are certainly transparent. If the recording sucks they'll let you know.
I love these earphones. Just stopped in to reiterate.
Noooooo... the M9 gets pretty hot, and vents on the top. If you have good sized feet/risers on your other components....maybe. I don't trust it though.
Can anyone comment on pairing th-900s with the M9?
 From the marketing literature: "scratch-resistant ceramic for the housing to ensure longevity"
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