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in case anyone runs into the same thing, this is the way to go:   convert the HDMI audio to SPDIF. 
Hi- I picked up a 103 for a variety of purposes, but am just playing with it as a transport for now.    I'm running coaxial out to an external DAC to an Amp. I have the coax set to bitstream (as opposed to LCPM). It's also on my network.   Weird things:   1) The first few seconds of a CD are cut off. Anyone familiar with this? I had an old, crappy Sony dvd/cd player in the same chain previously that did not do this...   2) Files from computer over network sound...
I experience no noise wiggling the cable around.
I'm not running a balanced DAC and still the sonic improvements using the Balanced out are huge.
I have a Q silk cable. It's great, and I feel I got good quality for a good price. I would *maybe* say sound was a bit cleaner/clearer with the cable over stock, but I don't think it produces any dramatic effects, if that is what you are looking for.
I can't comment on the Master 7 or HD800, but you should really give the balanced head out a shot. To me the the difference between balanced and SE on the M9 is night and day. Everything just seems bigger... maybe it would help with your situation.   Also, i don't have any noise issues with the the HP jacks.
Thanks Dan
Can anyone spare some thoughts?
Hey- I'm considering an m9 to replace a soloist and pair with a concero HD dac and LCD 3f. Am I wasting the m9s potential by running rca outs and SE? Im not looking to replace the dac or run balanced right now. Still a worthy upgrade?   Cheers
Like compressed then overloading the board. Mebbie a loudness war casualty. Good songs though.
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