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Someone mentioned the hi-re Beatles collection. Here it is: https://www.amazon.com/Beatles-USB/dp/B002VH7P4O   Remastered 24/44.1 FLAC entire catalogue on a USB drive. I've had it forever and it never gets old. Some of songs make up my reference material when testing new phones. The SQ and mixing is just insane and if you love the Beatles it will make your head explode. Pure magic. If you love "audiophile artifacts" look no further.
I've used Angies through X1 and sounds fantastic.     bflat, I don't agree but    X1 is an awesome source for Layla. Sounds full, dimensional and fierce. The damn things have A&K stamped on them!   Anyway, I can attest that they produce the best results I've heard from the X1, and the differences aren't negligible.
X1 drives my laylas quite well, hence my curiosity about the statement.
Why do you say the onkyo does not drive your Layla's to full potential?
100ii, 120ii, 240. They all sound fantastic, but I definitely prefer the onkyo.Neutrality and detail retrieval being the basis of my opinion. The dp x1 is superb with both. This dap really gets out of the way and let's the Angie's do their business.
I've listened to Angie se/balanced on both AK and Onkyo. I prefer balanced dp x1 by a wide margin, though everyone's a winner with these matches.
True. Interesting perspective on Android from the Audioquest folks in the new dragonfly thread.
No dap manufacturers "get it right" because we all want different things and tradeoffs are made to control cost. Myself, I could not care less about removable batteries,Bluetooth, or any cable connections beyond balanced out. I want a robust native player with tidal. The latter means Android. The Dp-X1 ticks those boxes save, yet to be resolved quirks from tidal for which there are workarounds. Device is not perfect for everyone's needs but does what a dap should do very...
Kicked my AK to the curb. All the daps have their quirks. DP-X1 is by no means perfect, but connecting good balanced phones for lossless music is stellar. Android is a boon. Closed implementations like AK greatly limit options.Dp-x1 is a first class device at an aggressive price point. There are design sacrifices but not so for the internals.
Just started using uapp for tidal. No more glitches,sounds a whole lot better than tidal app. Essential dap app.
New Posts  All Forums: