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Whoa, catching up. I recently sent my 2ish years old lcd3f to Audeze for repair as the right channel went dead. I have not had the opportunity to do any significant listening. So they've changed the lcd3 formula. And there's a chance that my phones have been tuned differently?
Follow your ears
Hey that's cool I appreciate your thoughts and recommendations. I've listened to Layla through a variety of sources, including non-portable, and I am very happy with the Onkyo. I don't perceive bass bloat at all, rather a very neutral to ever so slightly warm, transparent presentation. I enable the "flat" EQ which, to my ears, adds to neutral by subtracting a bit from the player's slight bump in the mids.I dig it.
Ok for kicks I hooked up the standard balanced cable and listened for awhile. It's a bit colder, narrower, with edgier highs. Going back to the black dragon brought a welcome return of slight but much appreciated warmth, extended sound stage, and smoother presentation especially highs. The sonic improvements are not "must haves" rather an appreciable refinement/extension of the Layla's inherent qualities. A very comfortable, light, well built cable at reasonable cost.
Yep, moon audio black dragon v2 which does have the bass pod. I bought it for my Angie, read some reviews praising it, my real interest was getting a longer cable with thinner cables to the phones. It's a very nice cable, I didn't spend much time with the standard cable for a real comparison other than I liked what I heard after I switched them out. The cable brought good things, but nothing mind...
Hey Luke glad you're enjoying. I have Layla fit with comply "comfort" tips running with Black Dragon balanced cable to an Onkyo DP X1. Never thought I'd have a portable setup that's simple and on par with my full size equipment.Layla is truly engrossing and I find myself just lost in the performance. Tremendous sound wherever I want to be
Bummer, no update for them
I switched from Angie to Layla about 3 weeks ago and holy cow what an upgrade! Took about a week for the sonics to really open up. The lows blossomed to reveal really rich, complex, precise bass. I expected the mids and hi to be very similar to Angie, and they are similar overall, but Layla takes the formula and improves with a stellar presentation. Angie is a wonderful phone, but that nagging oft commented on "one note" bass really came to bother after a few...
Yippeee app update! Noticed the current download # on Google play was in the 5ks. Really curious to know how many owners there are.
Someone mentioned the hi-re Beatles collection. Here it is:   Remastered 24/44.1 FLAC entire catalogue on a USB drive. I've had it forever and it never gets old. Some of songs make up my reference material when testing new phones. The SQ and mixing is just insane and if you love the Beatles it will make your head explode. Pure magic. If you love "audiophile artifacts" look no further.
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