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+1 I would love to join as well!
Super excited about the iDSD pro.  Great to know that it offers 3.5 TRRS balanced output...!   If anyone can give feedback with ps1000 or lcd2, that will be lovely :D
That cable entry method.... 
If it's Sony style, then I assume I'm okay with my norne cable :)  Thanks guys!! I also signed up for the GO2A link
Thanks for the information!!  I will check out the Geek Out 2A!  Unfortunately, HA-2 looks like it's not truely balanced.  I did receive the iematch today but my Noble 8C is being fixed at Noble right now so I can't test :(
Hello all,   I'm interested in the Geek Out 2A model as it look like it has 3.5 TRRS balanced output.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find much information but can you buy them anywhere?  Or are they still not in market?
Just purchased iematch but was wondering... are there any amp out their that accepts 3.5mm trrs natively?  I can only think of ZX2 but that's a DAP   wish idsd had 3.5trrs balanced choice ;)
Really?  Thank you for the heads up!
I'm thinking of jumping ship from my Noble to Andromeda this winter as I'm not having good luck with moisture damage from athletic activities.  Could some help me identify few questions regarding Andromeda?  I'm no bashing Noble as their SQ and customer service is simply amazing!  It's just that it does not fit my lifestyle.   1.  Are they durable against moisture?  Like sweat from jogging/road cycling.  Not looking for waterproof here :) 2.  I see that Campfire Audio...
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