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I think I'm about to get one soon 
Anyone willing to part with your Concero?  plain or HD.  I'm looking for one in pristine condition with fair price.   Just finished a trade with another head-fier... thank you!
Thats little sad.... but lets not give up!
If it was me, Id rather go on tube route if you need extra warmth for the hd800. The DNA Sonnett was great in that term(when I used to have them). I did not hear any notable difference in cables though (stock and SAA Endorphin, not sure if it was copper though). But every person is different... Id only purchase cable for special termination.
Have you contacted them via website contact page? https://www.audeze.com/contact-us   If it's from email, it might have went to spam folder depending on your domain/provider.  Although they have hired professional investigator, I believe any information will be great.  We should keep up the work and contact Audeze directly if any suspicious activity has been found.
Ordered Norne Skog terminated in 3.5TRRS for ZX2 and along with TRRS>4Pin Balanced for Liquid Carbon.
Dark Souls 2, but would love have a nice headset feature for destiny...
Looks like a thread?  I do custom fishing rods but they do have interesting tiger pattern threads..
Hello Brannan, Thank you so much for the clarification and I'm sorry for the misunderstanding!!  
I thought it was shipping included so I'm kind of disappointed in that aspect..  He clearly said it was for shipping and not duties... ???  My bad if I'm misunderstanding.
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