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popcorn time!
I'm also interested in Pagoda but its seems like there is no in-depth review of any kind.  It's supposed to be better than Stockholm 2 with 24bit so please share us your input!  Looking forward to it 
EDIT:  After reading thread here at , it seems like its all about implementation and jitter isolation.  I've decided to not go with DDC in between as SPDIF already have galvanic isolation.  Thanks   Hello Everyone,   I'm planning to build a new rig around Beyer T1 but not sure how I'm going to tackle the source.   Planned Rig: Computer > Toslink Connection > Metrum Octave MK1 > Woo WA2 > Beyer T1   Since...
Hello Head-fier,   I'm looking to sell my Symphones Magnum V4, made full from Alessandro MS-2.  I'm the original owner and this Magnum was made from brand new MS-2 back then.  Everything is in great condition with some notable scratches, which can be seen on the pic.  I've also thrown in the salad bowl pads as well for free of charge.  Price is $OLD SHIPPED only to CONUS.  I will only accept paypal as a payment method.     Best Regards,   Toshiya H.
Update:  I've hand off the LCD-X (East) to keithpgdrb today since we were very close.   Sad to let it go... I've fully enjoyed it and might purchase it :D
UPDATE:  Just Received the LCD-X (East) from SteveZ.  I've already contacted Justin via PM and will now PM the next person.  No obvious smells and wears.     I just did a quick listen to it via Bel Canto C5i and find it little bit muffled?  Not sure if the C5i has enough grunt to power up LCD-X as intended  but this is super quick initial impression!     Edit: oh wow.... this is going good.....!
Judging by the post and the URL provided on the first post, I don't think the contest is out yet.
Justin, thank you for adding me to the east coast list for LCD-X!  I will wait patiently on demo-ing first ever Audeze for me.. :D
Thank you Justin!!   Now I will go to bed :)
Same here... but I'm starting to have hard time keeping awake... awwhhh
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