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Finally got an email....... ahhhhhh praise the sun!!!!!  one thing I did find out though, does dark smoke have hint of blue???        
imo, professional grade means it's dependable. durability as well but something that you can rely and trust that it's up to the task. i dont think there is a tradeoff between durability and sound quality. its up to buyer that which cable is going to provide the best satisfaction, price/looks/build quality/sound quality? aside. everyone is different, hence the variety of cables in market. sent from smartphoooone
I'm planning to order the Skog IEM cable terminated in 3.5 TRRS Hifiman Balanced.  Along with it, the adapter from female Oyaide 3.5 > 4-Pin XLR Valab.  Will this adapter maintain balanced connectivity?
My Noble 8C should be in 8 weeks now... just... little bit more    My ZX2 is feeling lonely!
Does FAW offer any custom length interconnect cables (RCA-RCA) like 6 inch or 15 cm?  Looking for vendor to order IEM cable for my Noble 8C (3.5 balanced TRRS end) with adapter (3.5 balanced TRRS > 4 pin Balanced) and RCA-RCA Pair interconnect...
I was about to order today for IEM & Interconnect cable but that alone is enough to deter me from ordering.... Thank you for your feedback.
 Great!!! Thank you so much for the information, and yes, that's cool :) 
Am I going to miss something if it's going to be used with Resonessence Concerro HD Dac which is single ended only?
Ordered here as well!
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