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I was listening AC/DC Live Album Let There be Rock last night and I just could not stop listening to it... felt extremely tired today due to lack of sleep last night :)   It's really an all-rounder that excels in rock IMO
 Clamping it hard and angling ear pad 10 degrees solved it!!! I'm loving them very much..... makes me wonder what Ether C is like 
Thank you so much for the video!! I'm going to try it right away :D
Just received the alpha prime and initial impression is:  excellent openness and clarity, neutral but can have very impactfull bass when called for.  It's off my memory but it definitely sounds better than ED8 I used to own for closed headphone.     One unfortunate downside is..... I seem to have very hard time having good seal with these.  No matter how much I move the headphone, there seem to be a gap right underneath my ears.  I have to compress the headphone with my...
I really would love to demo this in 4pin xlr... I sincerely miss GS1000 since I sold few years ago... This is going to be an audio bliss 
I sincerely have tears in my eyes...... imabuyitkthxeverybodyiloveyouall http://www.4ourears.net/gs2000e_p/4e-gs2000e.htm
Is the ps1000/e worth modding for balanced cable? I already have liquid carbon so was just wondering... I truely miss the gs1000 I've sold few years ago.
Thanks for the information! I will go with different route for next purchase although I know norne quality already with my 8c cable/rca interconnect... They are simply brilliant, first time I've ever noticed a difference with cable
I was able to get a contact from fellow head-fier and it seems like I'm able to get a black AP   It will be used with a silver dragon 4pin xlr and concerro hd as a DAC and Liquid Carbon as an amp.  Hoping it will be a great pair alongside the Noble 8C.
What's the current lead time for Draug 2 cable like?  I already have one for my Noble but need another one for my headphone.  Is it going to be more than a month?
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