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I'm little surprised there are more case regarding this issue.  I don't know why not many people have brought it up till now....
I've already shipped mine to Audeze directly via their support.   Guys, it's $2,000 headphone.... It has to be near-perfect.  Us consumers should state the problem and give the the manufacturer a chance to acknowledge and fix it.  It might lead to more strict QC or perhaps a new design for yolk that can be much more durable.  I'm in no-way to bash Audeze in any way, they've been really helpful to me so far.  People should definitely consider contacting them if you are...
Hello Mscott58,   Nice Find!  I've just checked it and the right side metal tab is indeed crooked, not sure about degree but its there.  Something else also might be out of shape... not sure which one though.
Hello Audeze, Thank you so much for your quick response.  Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely in love with these headphones    I've adjusted the block/yolk straight, along with couple different settings but it always ends up crooked.  I've contacted the retailer already but they told me to contact Audeze direct.  Since then, I've applied a request from your official website so I will just wait for a next step.   Again, thank you so much for your support!       
Thank you so much for the inputs...  All the screws seems to be tight on both end.  I'm not sure what's causing the crooked look, it might be either the misplacement in hole on the ear monitor itself or the black headband assembly that connects to the ear monitor. 
Hello everyone,   I've just received a new LCD-3 and although it sounds great, it looks crooked IMO.  It also adds unbalanced pressure on my head and not sure if this is normal or not.  If not, I'm willing to contact the dealer to replace it for me.   I would really appreciate it if you  LCD-3 owners can give me some quick insight....  It may not look crooked that much but it always gets closer to the right hand side even when pads aligned straight.    
edit: closed and moved to LCD3 thread for advise 
Thanks for the picture Amish!  That's quite a nice upgrade of dac you've done!! I would appreciate it if you can give us how this dac work along with Audeze after some serious burn-in/listening 
You definitely have to post a picture!! I don't think I see any picture of Pagoda... yours might be the first one ever on internet  
popcorn time!
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