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Outstanding, thanks!!!
Great job, thanks.
Thanks for the guide
The best way I've found to alleviate post purchase anxiety is to address pre purchase anxiety first, through extensive due diligence. It sounds like you addressed the pre purchase anxiety by selecting the HD595s but dropped the ball by purchasing the SR-80s. Human nature being what it is, it's no wonder your second guessing yourself now. The quickest way out of your dilemma is to test the HD595s and that will either justify your purchase, or you'll realize...
Right now I've got Neil Young's Harvest Moon cranked up on my AD2000s and I've got this silly **** eating grin on my face. Great cans but as Jay said, you might want to sample the AD900s; which I also own. IMO, the 2000s are worth the extra $360 over the 900s but you might come to a different conclusion.
Quote: Originally Posted by freakydrew how much damage to the wallet so far? I have been on Head fi slightly less than you (just graduated from junior head-fier to head foer, looking forward to 50th post lol)....arranged for a stranger to take receipt of my Senns 555 and ATH -AD700's in Orchard Park, New York, will be making a 2 and half hour drive on Sunday across the border to get them and return trip back... already looking at amps....and a better...
I first visited this site on March 1st of this year because I was looking for a reasonably priced set of cans to listen to music and play games with. I was, and to a large extent still am, a n00b when it comes to audio gear but in the last ~ 30 days I've: 1. Purchased a AD700 2. Purchased a ASUS STX 3. Purchased 9 opamps for the STX 4. Purchased a AD900 5. Sold the AD700 6. Ordered a AD2000 from Japan
I bought my AD900s from this eBay seller and it was an extremely smooth transaction, with fast shipping. Brand New Audio technica ATH-AD900 ATH AD900 - eBay (item 220372818770 end time Apr-04-09 02:30:38 PDT)
Quote: Originally Posted by mbd2884 From Audio-Technica: AD900 or AD2000 From Sennheiser: HD650 or HD600 But really, any headphone that has good soundstage with good clarity will be good for gaming. The AD900, which I own, would a great choice for someone without an amp who's interested in gaming performance.
You could search that board to see if anyone is looking for the headphones you want to sell. Then you could send them a PM explaining what you have etc.
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