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So it seems like Price Japan is gone for good.   What are my options if I have a broken 2.5mm socket? Any recommendations for repairs?   Thanks
I haven't heard back from PriceJapan for over a week regarding a warranty repair (2.5mm socket). I've sent 3 emails (info@pricejapan.com and mail@pricejapan.com).   Getting pretty annoyed now. They're quick to reply when it's about buying something.     To anyone thinking of using PriceJapan: if you're worried about warranty in the slightest, don't bother!
Can someone who's returned it via PriceJapan tell me how long it took and what the process was like? I bought mine from someone who bought it from PriceJapan and didn't like it, but "warranty" is supposed to be transferrable. I bought it from him because it would be quick, rather than cheap. I used the 2.5mm socket for less than 3 weeks and it became very loose and then came off. Appalling, really. Thanks!
Are you using it with a case? I think it's essential, given how sharp the edges are. I think it would be borderline unusable for me without the case. Have you asked Matthew at Forza?
I have a CIEM (recessed sockets) without a cable for about a week, so I'd like to buy a fairly cheap cable to use in the interim. I know it's not a long time, but I'm impatient.   Ideally you will be located in the UK. I am in London and could potentially pay in person.   I'd also be interested in paying to loan one if someone prefers that.
Can anyone give an opinion on whether the plug below will fit the (recessed) A series? Thanks
Can I ask manual ADEL module users what they're real life usage is like when it comes to adjustment? Do you have a preferred setting?
The code is MEMORIAL16
To people for whom this will be something of a holiday: London is one of the few places where nearly all galleries, museums, etc. have free entry. Kind of makes up for how expensive other things are.
My order (via a dealer) should be with you this week, for A12. Can I expect a new cable? Is it the same for 48" and 64" cables, and both colours?Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: