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Can I ask manual ADEL module users what they're real life usage is like when it comes to adjustment? Do you have a preferred setting?
The code is MEMORIAL16
To people for whom this will be something of a holiday: London is one of the few places where nearly all galleries, museums, etc. have free entry. Kind of makes up for how expensive other things are.
My order (via a dealer) should be with you this week, for A12. Can I expect a new cable? Is it the same for 48" and 64" cables, and both colours?Thanks
MAM modules are delayed until June (that doesn't include Kickstarter backers).
I edited the post. I mean if you choose their silver cable.
Can anyone confirm if the stock silver 64 Audio cable has silver/grey casing, or if it's clear with silver plated wire inside it?   I thought the former, but was then told it's the latter by 64 Audio, but then the former by my dealer.
Why was it a let down for you?I'm using one right now and I'm not impressed. The software is good but the hardware isn't. Inexplicably bad design choices.I've ordered the Hi-Fi Plus but it's delayed (Europe).If the Hi-Fi Plus makes the poor battery life any worse, I will return both and get the HTC 10. Likewise if there is a big gap between it and the rest of the phone.I had a ZX2 and was hoping for a phone that is good enough by itself, so the G5 with Hi-Fi Plus excited...
The guy's grammar is terrible. The writing in general is pretty damn bad. Overly long too.
The NWZ-ZX2 needs no introduction from me. What makes it stand out in my opinion is the battery life, which is better than anything else at all, BAR NONE.   Version: Japanese, with no volume cap   This is aimed at UK/EU buyers—remember that non-EU pricing doesn't include 20% taxes, etc.   Condition: Great. No scratches or dinks. In original box.   Comes with: Sony stock leather case Silicone case Stock USB charge/sync cable Longer USB charge/sync cable Sony...
New Posts  All Forums: