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It's not very long since I lived in one of those places!
For people looking for cheap (for London) rooms in central London, I suggest looking at university halls, many of which are within walking distance of the venue. These are university "dorm" rooms that are used as bed and breakfast places during vacations. The standard is that of typical B&B.
You listed the IE8 but I'd go with the IE800. If you're lucky, you might find a used pair for not much more than your budget on here. They're worth going over budget for.
It's a little dangerous, but how many of us have cooked with headphones on? And how many of us have nearly had an accident because of this... Surely I'm not the only one!
Not in the slightest... I will never have that feeling of desperately trying to repair a scratched CD. This is not unlike people "missing" or preferring/insisting on paper books, I think. 
I tried this a few months ago but had issues with the Android app.   The best service for classical music is Qobuz. A key reason is that it includes the liner notes. There's also a slightly cheaper classical tier. I tried it in January but the desktop and Android apps needed polish. For example some of the context menus were in French, despite choosing English in settings/installation.
Whiplash: 8/10
Little Dot MKIII desktop tube in excellent condition.    I am the second owner and I used this very little because a desktop amp just isn't convenient for me right now. Comes with various tubes including Mullard tubes.   One nice feature is the flexibility for headphones of high/low impedance. It can drive the most demanding full-sized open headphones but works just as well with IEMs too. Settings: A: (x10) for high impedance or low sensitivity B: (x5) for medium...
I am selling my Sennheiser HD700 because I no longer have time/space to listen to non-portable headphones. (Also selling my Little Dot MKIII tube amp.)   Everything is in mint / perfect condition with less than 100 hours use.   Purchased in mid-January 2015 from a select Sennheiser UK retailer as part of the Club Orpheus project, which made them eligible for a 10 year worldwide Sennheiser warranty. You don't get this warranty on places places like Amazon. Retail...
To the people who have rooted, did you use the Ping Pong method, which apparently doesn't trip KNOX and invalidate the warranty?   I've rooted every one of my Android phones within a week until this one, mainly because right now V4A is the only benefit in my opinion. The 128GB S6 Edge is the most expensive phone I've ever bought and I don't want to lose the warranty.
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