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I'm sorry to bump this but I'd really like to figure it out. Could it be due to CPU usage or USB bus usage? How can I diagnose the issue?
Hello everyone,   I have a somewhat new Fiio E17 (bought in June) and recently the sound has begun to cut out for about 1 second and then come back. I am using it with Windows 7 64bit. This has not happened until about a week ago, when I first got it, this didn't happen at all.   Would you guys maybe know why this is happening? I am using it with the USB cable.   Thanks for any help!
I have some of the originally released Audeo PFEs (not sure of the model number). But I am looking to get Shure Olives for them. Do Shure Olives fit? I have looked on Amazon and it seems like there are a few different type of olive tips depending on the model of Shure IEM.    Could someone link me to the model that I should buy for the...
Problem fixed!
I need to order some new tips for my Audeo PFE 232's. The ones that Audeo sells are nice but they are expensive and do not hold up very well. So I am looking for an alternative that will fit the IEM.   I have heard good things about Shure Olives. Do these fit PFEs? Is there a better option of tips for PFEs?   I was thinking about ordering...
I own Audeo PFE Golds (bought before they were labeled gold, I guess they are the same), and Grado SR80s     There is a really good price on this DAC/Amp from this site: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_44985_FiiO-E17-Alpen-Portable-Headphone-Amplifier-DAC.html   Would I see much benefit in sound quality when using it from a Macbook Pro?
So I finally lost one of the medium sized silicon tips that came with my PFEs.   Does Head-Fi have any recommendations of what to buy to replace them? Or should I just go with the official tips?   Thanks for any help!
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane Did you replace the filter to rule that out? Oh wow, I feel so stupid. I just replaced them and they work perfectly now. The filters just slipped my mind.
I am pretty sure that my PFE's are broken. The right earbud does not produce sound at the same level as the left, its very noticeable. How can I tell what version I have (V0 or V1)? Also is there anything different in the V1's other than just improved build quality?
Please help? Or at least is there a thread here about closed air headphones. Alessandros, Sennheisers and Grados are all open and thats all I really know.
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