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Hello,   I saw this posting on Massdrop and was interested:   I've been looking for small-ish bookshelf speakers for my desktop. Currently I have been using a Fiio E17 to drive my headphones. The fact that these speaker's amp could replace the Fiio for reduced desktop clutter is very appealing for me.   Does anyone have any opinions on these speakers, or if the DAC/amp here would be at...
I'm sorry to bump this but I'd really like to figure it out. Could it be due to CPU usage or USB bus usage? How can I diagnose the issue?
Hello everyone,   I have a somewhat new Fiio E17 (bought in June) and recently the sound has begun to cut out for about 1 second and then come back. I am using it with Windows 7 64bit. This has not happened until about a week ago, when I first got it, this didn't happen at all.   Would you guys maybe know why this is happening? I am using it with the USB cable.   Thanks for any help!
I have some of the originally released Audeo PFEs (not sure of the model number). But I am looking to get Shure Olives for them. Do Shure Olives fit? I have looked on Amazon and it seems like there are a few different type of olive tips depending on the model of Shure IEM.    Could someone link me to the model that I should buy for the...
Problem fixed!
I need to order some new tips for my Audeo PFE 232's. The ones that Audeo sells are nice but they are expensive and do not hold up very well. So I am looking for an alternative that will fit the IEM.   I have heard good things about Shure Olives. Do these fit PFEs? Is there a better option of tips for PFEs?   I was thinking about ordering...
I own Audeo PFE Golds (bought before they were labeled gold, I guess they are the same), and Grado SR80s     There is a really good price on this DAC/Amp from this site:   Would I see much benefit in sound quality when using it from a Macbook Pro?
So I finally lost one of the medium sized silicon tips that came with my PFEs.   Does Head-Fi have any recommendations of what to buy to replace them? Or should I just go with the official tips?   Thanks for any help!
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane Did you replace the filter to rule that out? Oh wow, I feel so stupid. I just replaced them and they work perfectly now. The filters just slipped my mind.
I am pretty sure that my PFE's are broken. The right earbud does not produce sound at the same level as the left, its very noticeable. How can I tell what version I have (V0 or V1)? Also is there anything different in the V1's other than just improved build quality?
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