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Hey guys, I've got the Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultras that use the typical front, rear, sub stereo connectors. My laptop doesn't have output like this, so I'm wondering what solutions are available. I know Sound Blaster makes the X-Fi Pro 5.1, but I'd like to explore all my options before I purchase.
Has anyone made a comparison of these to the old Philips HP1000, their previous high-end? I have a pair and love it's smooth, open sound.
Thanks. In my short time with the X10 I enjoyed the sound but I wasn't wowed which is what I was expecting for an IEM that once retailed for $350. I'll give it a good test drive once I get them back.    
ClieOs, do you have any impressions about the Klipsch X10 in comparison with these? They are both single balanced armatures - I've got a pair of X10s over the holiday sale but my girlfriend has taken them on a trip with her before I got to listen to them much. I remember the sound being pleasant, but then I put on the SHE9850 and thought they weren't much different. This was with a few days gap and audio-memory is pretty short so I'd love to hear your impressions to help...
I got a pair of the X10's for the train so that I wouldn't have to carry my over-the-ear portables anymore.   My initial impressions are that they are very comfortable. I don't have much experience with IEMs but many members have said these are the most comfortable IEMs around and I would be inclined to agree - they are very light and they don't hurt the ears. The sound is smooth and detailed with large amounts of bass, but it's not quite as textured as I hoped it...
Thanks for the impressions. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts after you've had more time to play with them. I've been considering getting an IEM and these are among my choices but I don't know how well I'll adjust going from the big soundstage of my full size cans.      
Missed the TripleFi 10s, the page wasn't showing an "add to cart button" and when it finally refreshed the sale was over. But I did pick up two of the Klipsch X10s. I've been looking for a reason to get some decent IEMs and the sale was a perfect excuse. I read some cursory reviews and they look promising. Anyone have more input on how they compare to the TripleFi? I read a few posts on here already - just looking for more comments.
I had both the 750 and 900 at one point and th 900s are definitely a better overall headphone. The 750s were more forward and aggressive and for some songs I actually enjoyed it slightly more (electronic music etc). Keep in mind that the 750 and 900 both still leak sound and may not suit your needs. If you can, get both and send the loser back. Everytime I've done that though I've ended up with the more expensive pair...     
Does anyone know of a way to get Spotify to play through WASAPI on Windows 7? The sound quality is impressive, almost good enough to get me to drop my Grooveshark account, but WASAPI just makes such a huge difference.
it's already been suggested here, but give the ultrasone's a try. they aren't for everyone but those that like them will swear by them. i have a pair of the pro 900s and i don't think they are harsh or bass heavy. in fact i feel that they are one of the most detailed cans around. here's a huge thread of reviews 
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