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Say, if the sale of the 64GB is poor, there is no reason whatsoever for Apple to release a 128 GB.
You will need more than 1 pair... this was from experiences.
When they break lol.
A step up in term of bass and soundstage, that I can attest especially the soundstage very close to my UM3X
Please dd me to the list: *Silver *USA *1 micro USB cable Thanks Edit: if it's possible can I have #33 or #39?
Silly question: but what if I want to make my triple fi 10 a UE10 instead of UE11? Can UM do that?
I'm about to start a thread on this.... Thanks. After registering and refreshing, I have absolutely no playable station atm. It always fails at 20%. Edit: youtube works flawlessly so this is not the X's fault, I think.
Oh ye. Their service was great.
Order Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Order Date: 12/04/09 12:00:26 Order Status: Order Complete
"Other" That's it. Called them and glad to hear that my order was ready to go
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