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Well, there are some DAPs that do not play any kind of lossless but do play AAC.
Try different tips for the UM3X.
Where is Westone?.... Of the 3, I'm kinda bias toward Westone.
Does it upgrade improve SQ?
Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt For Cuban music you have to find a 2rd generation iPod - nothing else can reproduce the timbre of Compay Segundo's voice like this iPod. The limited edition U2 iPod might come close, though. This is good news. I listen to nothing but Cuban music. THXXX
Quote: Originally Posted by Gbjerke Well i guess the french acts the same when it comes to headphones and when it comes to whine Quote: Originally Posted by james444 It's easy to be non-chauvinist about wine when you're from Norway I don't think it was a typo or not...?
True. All of us love to have a 128GB phone that can play music for 5 (exaggerated) hours.
How about the driver from the PFE? Will it work well with the TF10?
Hmm, the JH7's set up looks familiar to this: EarSonics ®: EM3-pro. Idk if Jerry Harvey designed the JH7 to compete with the EM3-pro. If he did and were confident that his product was better, the JH7 is really worth trying.
The source is the most important imo. A bad recording produces bad sound no matter what equipment you use. Next is, of course, equipment. Bitrate is only relevant if you decide to encode you hand-picked recordings at ~128 Kbps, which makes no sense at all.
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