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Exciting news. But since when did Sony support wma lossless?
Yea. I want more impressions
Well, if you want something like this: Beethoven: Sinfonia (Symphony) No.3 "Eroica", Op.55 / Coriolan Overture Op.62: Ludwig van Beethoven, Le Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall: Music There is no other choice...
Quote: Originally Posted by sxr71 I mean come on people it's an IEM, it generate sounds that is aimed at your eardrum, you don't need 8 drivers. You could tune the same sound with 2 if you were really clever, but more drivers will always excite people and that will help it sell. Well, I wish I could have such low expectation and the ability to tolerate the Ety for more than 30 seconds.
As long as it's not windy, I don't mind at all.
Well, if it runs Windows 7, I'll be very interested
Well, it's not that I'm not serious, but I've sent 4 emails to JH regarding the repairing (in the worst case) but received nothing. If it were possible, I'll make a payment right away...
Got it. Thank Le Le
Try converting them to wav images then to AAL
New softer housing material? Where did you get that from? I can't find it anywhere on their site.
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