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Craig, you have any plan for Sony's LOD?
Justin, is the list updated yet?
Yeah, it wouldn't take that long. So those who want black/silver or silver/black can wait a bit longer for their Slim with joy!
How can silver turn green?... It can turn black though.
Quote: Originally Posted by milesandcoltrane Yeah I hope the Twag doesn't turn green too. It looks the sex man! But its 300bucks. I'm not for one for spending much on cables. I guess I'll have to listen to them first though. Anyone else here with the Twag on your 13s? DOes it turn green, or does it remain perfect all the way? If the Twag is silver as advertised, it can't turn green. At worst, you'll have a black cable
^ Justin, can you ship the original orders first?
Well, you can try the Earsonics SM3 and tell us you experiences
Hah, if it's glossy, it'll be a fingerprint magnet. I made the right choice!
The EM3-pro as well as the ACS T1 are above $1000 range...
But they still sound like crap to me...
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