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Of course, they have the same nozzle size. On a side note, man, these things makes me appreciate Van Cliburn's Rach 2 for the 1st time Before that, I've always thought it was the most overrated performance ever (largely due to the Orchestra) The UM3X hisses with the Sony A818... This is not good. I'm planning to get the X1000 which is rumored to hiss even more than A818
You can try the Shure's olives, though I can see why others have problem with them.
Well, it's Sony... But I still don't get it. The NWZ model obviously supports Japanese but the NW does not support English?! The good thing is I am learning Japanese
You can import from PriceJapan, the price has dropped like 5,000 yen since the release in Japan (the service fee is 4,000 yen w/o shipping). When the dollar gets stronger, it may turn out to be even cheaper than the models in the US, and with more functions, gapless + drag &drop
Anyone knows if the Japanese NW-X series support English?....
Quote: Originally Posted by soozieq Hi there, and welcome to Head-Fi Please can you tell me what other phones you're comparing with the UM3X? I have no idea what you consider to be 'warm', and there's nothing listed in your profile yet. Thanks. Thx. I was comparing them with the Phonak. I'm not good at describing sound... Hmm how can I put this? I just feel that anymore bass would make the clarity suffer. The UM3X is at the threshold of the...
Mine just arrive Boy, I wouldn't want anything warmer than this.
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