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shigzeo, I notice in your link that you have acquired a custom from Earsonics! Which model is that? Any review soon? Oh, and aside from eliminating the clicking noise, is there other benefit compared to using a normal mini to mini cable? PS: nevermind, I explore your forum a bit and saw the post
That is what I've been told. Still, if I was to shoot for that kind of sound, I would've ordered the JH13-Pro PS: It would be interesting if someone can compare the EM2-pro with the JH13-pro. 2 vs 6!!!
You can't be serious. I mean how the heck can you browse 32gb of music with that kind of screen?
Well, their offerings do not "look" as good, plus the site is in French 100%.
WOW. I asked Franck Lopez to build my EM3-pro with recess pins and he said it was no problem!!! Earsonics' CS is unbelievable! (I don't recall JH agree to do this...)
And I'll be waiting for my EM3-pro and the Slim.
If you choose the S9, prepare to learn how to use EQ heavily. The S9 is built just for that
What if the drivers are the same?
shigzeo, what about application X?
When the next version with better form factor, better battery life and better software comes out. I'll get one. Or they can just make a slim DAP with a DAC and no amp
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