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Ken Will the final version have a strain relief? I don't see it in the pic. Thanks
It is bit smaller (but thicker) than the Westone's clam shell, which I think you have. Anyway, any plan for a black version?
Hopefully, this will set a new standard for build quality at this price range.
About the cable, 3 weeks ago, they told me that the cable would be available "next week."
Ken, can I order it in black?
Hmm, that cable looks like it's gonna be un-braided easily...
Quote: Originally Posted by slim.a That square wave can be affected (rounded off among other things) by the digital cable. Sir, you win the thread.
.... can I send mine back and pay the difference to exchange for the new one?....
Well, what I meant was beside the chirping sound, is there any other benefit of using a mini-mini to feed an amp as opposed to using a LOD?
He meant "********* ugly," hence fugly
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