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And silicone is what girls fill their boobs with. Now if Jerry wants to stay true to "aural sex"...
Correct me if I am wrong, but must all analog signals go through an amp of any kind? That being said, the LO signal is already amped?
345 includes the "French tax." If you are not from France, you will only pay 289$ when checking out.
Quote: Output Frequency Range YP-P3= from 20Hz to 20KHz YP-Q2= from 40Hz to 20KHz Q2 Wins Signal To Noise Ratio in FM Radio YP-P3=45db YP-Q2=55db Q2 Wins Huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wrist-Fi So any word on how long before Earsonics plans to set up a US distributor and I have to potentially worry about actually considering these with any degree of seriousness? uhm... never. They don't even have a distributor in France, their home country.
I have a question: suppose that you have 40 silver, and I, according to the original list, will get the 40th. If a guy in front of me (says, I'm # 123 and he's 32) wants to switch his color, how would you handle this? If he gets the last silver,will I either have to switch to black or wait another 3 months for the next patch?
50 a week......?!!!!!
Well, when sane people see stuffs like "blow away," "outclass," "huge difference," they raise their eyebrows. That and the fact that this player has a buggy firmware, questionable build quality, and , on top of all, an awesome battery life of 8 hours, err... no thanks.
Like this:
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