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I try to be prompt, however I was just out of town for 10 days on a business trip. Can you resend?
No CD players or transports, however I have been working on a tube phono stage concept.
I heard the prototype in England last month which sounded very good to me.
Hi Frank,   That's a beautiful bike but no, I'm not going to purchase it. I have some friends with motorcycles who have been in accidents, and I don't want to join them. I'll watch from the sidelines
Not yet, my Saab is still holding up with 225k miles, however the blue wagon does look intriguing.
Adding to the blue car references, here's the new Volvo Polestar S60  
 The Stratus is a single ended amplifier with only unbalanced RCA inputs. The balanced output is derived in the center tapped output transformers.
 The Stratus was designed to use directly heated rectifiers and takes the high voltage from a center tap of the 5V filament winding for lower noise/hum. The 422A is an indirectly heated rectifier with cathode tied to pin 2 of the heater. This tube will work in the Stratus, but to work optimally the socket needs to be rewired specifically for this tube. The U52 is a directly heated rectifier and I'm told is the ultimate sonic substitute for a 5U4G.
The PCC88 is a 7V version of the ECC88. Both are not replacements for the 6N1P, which has different plate impedance and transconductance parameters. An alternative to the 6N1P is the 6BQ7A.
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