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That can be done but it requires unique cabling on the input and output and the cost of a second amplifier. You would essentially operate each amplifier bridged for a single channel and connect across both XLR outputs.If I can find outstanding input transformers, then I will include XLR inputs for the next model.
 Thanks for the suggestion. I am considering and investigating the possibility of including balanced inputs on my next model. The challenge is finding input transformers which don't degrade the sound. Many look good on paper but you can hear their presence in the signal path.
The Stratus' output transformers are optimized for driving headphones only. The output impedance is 8 ohms when using the standard high gain setting. This is reasonable for most headphones but not ideal for loudspeakers. In comparison, a typical 2A3 speaker amp has 2-3 ohm output impedance due to the greater step down ratio of the output transformers. This comes at the expense of the output voltage swing capability needed for lower sensitivity headphones like the K1000 and...
I try to be prompt, however I was just out of town for 10 days on a business trip. Can you resend?
No CD players or transports, however I have been working on a tube phono stage concept.
I heard the prototype in England last month which sounded very good to me.
Hi Frank,   That's a beautiful bike but no, I'm not going to purchase it. I have some friends with motorcycles who have been in accidents, and I don't want to join them. I'll watch from the sidelines
Not yet, my Saab is still holding up with 225k miles, however the blue wagon does look intriguing.
Adding to the blue car references, here's the new Volvo Polestar S60  
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