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 Maybe I'm missing something but balanced is all about minimizing unwanted noise from audio signals, not power. Balanced cables with a balanced setup will only improve the sound going to your cans.
 $600 seems reasonable, message me.;')
Checked with Dimitri from MusicaAcoustics, heck of a nice gentleman. He confirmed with me that the differences are  purely cosmetic plus a different cable.He believes that the sound difference people sometimes report hearing is due to the cable. 
Impedance: 82Ω ?? Resistance: 32ΩBetter have a good amp.
I am sure that this has been answered before, sorry for bringing this up again if it has, but does the Oriolus first version sound like the second mk2 version? What are the changes, just cosmetic?   thanks.
I thought I read somewhere that the universal doesn't quite live up to the high bar of the custom. I may be wrong, but if you see reviews of the universal, let me know. thanks.
If I didn't already have the Custom 6 and the U8's, I would jump on those U10's.
To my ears, my a12 universal's sound really good paired with my Onkyo DP-X1, balanced mode (150mW+150mW), set at mid power (32 ohm's?). Is this the type of output they need?   Sound better than with my ak120.
If you can afford the U12 go for it! They are TOTL and worth every cent. The U8 is excellent as well. Have both plus the 6 as a custom. Love all three for their resolution, detail and overall sound. Check out the 64audio forum for more info.
 These do look interesting. Did you notice that they have bass adjustment? If the price was about $200 less, I would be tempted.
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