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Sale going on at Audio Advisor, some good headphones including PM-3's and others, clearance and demo units. http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=80e5a8d1b82a27eb253d67a95&id=1aa6dbaf94&e=603f81befd
Bought these in like new condition from a Canadian seller back in April. Seller told me that they were brand new, and just opened to check contents. Months later I have yet to use them outside of maybe three or four hours. I had intended to use them at work, but found myself using my in-ears and preferring those. These sound great, but as I barely use them, they are up for sale.   Selling price includes shipping to the US for US buyers. Otherwise, for international...
If one has a used pair, can we still get the full upgrade? thanks.
 Sorry, confused, thought we were discussing the ZhiYin QT5.The QT5 to my ears sound great, but other users noticed problems in the sound, so I can't recommend them.
Sorry, thought you were talking about the ZhiYin QT5
  Thanks guys, here's hoping it's reasonable.
Any ballpark estimates of upgrade cost for current Ether owners?
I'm probably in for one, even as finances are tight. The sound is going to be different because of the different wood cups. Plus, it will look fantastic. Have the first, and the 2nd was ordered.
 Gotta catch em all! TH-X00 GO -- new game coming from Massdrop.
Agreed on the XC 900 comments.   They do sound different to my ears.I own all three, but haven't used the t5p 2 enough to comment on the isolation.
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