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 From memory as I sold my Burson Soloist, It drives the harder to drive headphones better. Does a better job with HE-6 and T1, for example. Very top notch sound.The biggest difference is the excellent quality balanced outputs, making it so you can drive your Headphones, balanced of course, at their full potential. 
I don't think Tyll was very happy with the K812. I own the T1, K812, hd800, as well as some other headphones. I have to agree with the review, fairly spot on. My biggest gripe with the K812, which is otherwise excellent, is with the cable. Single entry, no option to change to balanced. With such good drivers, I just know that a balanced K812, with the right cables, would be a killer. thanks again for the review.
Agree but not totally. I often load my music player, currently the AK120II with a combination of older music I have liked with newer music that I am previewing and may like for various reasons (reviews, word of mouth, performers in the band, etc.), without a decent UI I would be lost.If I only listened to music that I was very familiar with, and didn't care how it got sorted, it wouldn't matter. I use genre sort, artist sort, album sort, and folder view. I play random...
Thanks for the info. I did order the balanced cable for Oppo, should get it tomorrow. I was on the PM-1 tour, bought it within days of hearing it, was that impressed with the sound quality/comfort combination.
Yes, count me in. Very interested in these. I have the Lear LUF-4 (b) universals and I'm quite happy with those.
Amazon has the new version of the Velvet, with new shell.   $749.00 + Free Shipping
Sorry if this has already been covered, but does the PM-1 benefit from a balanced setup?
 Ditto with that.I haven't tried amping the SM64, but unamped I found the bass lacking. 
Amazon has the Yamaha EPH-M200RE High-Performance Earphones with Remote and Mic on sale at $98, normally $150. These are getting excellent reviews, both on Amazon and from those members who have tried them. Thread here. They come in red, black, or white.
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