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I'll have to keep my eye on these.Really liked the demo PM-3 I heard, and own the PM-1 which I love.
Sony EX1000 - bought these used earlier this year, but I haven't used them at all, they look in very good used condition.   Previous owner had used them lightly.   Unfortunately these come with no tips, but if you already have other tips, you should be fine.   Earphones come with retail case, as pictured.   Shipping is included for US buyers, extra for international buyers. Paypal fees are extra, or payment with gift.   Cheers
I think so, it has the best sound of all my daps, including my AK120II. Granted, the internal amp helps as well. I don't take it out that much anymore, as I  prefer to take out the more portable AK120ii,  but when I do listen to it, I'm always impressed.
Yes, listening to them right now, as I type this, so far impressed. They are a step or two up from the H-150, which I had the pleasure of auditioning a few months ago, impressions/brief review of which will be posted soon, I spent a few weeks with those and have my notes to compare to. Still to early to give more detail, as I still have to compare to the earphones I have on hand, and to the Altone 200, which is somewhere in my collection.
Well, keeping in mind that the 1964ears A12 are almost twice as expensive at retail price, the A12 does have more detail, more spaciousness - almost like an open headphone, and feels like it goes deeper, it is also slightly darker - than the H8P's. The A12's can also be played louder due to the adel technology, that's a big plus.However, the H8P's have better layering, and a completely addictive sound. Both have a rich sound with top tier tuning.I could easily live with...
Yes, looking forward to them. thanks.
 Did you check with other earphones or headphones? I found greater resolution but not the dark blanket you mentioned.
Well, why not...   Head-Fi Username: Carlsan Location (City, Country): Trenton, NJ, USA RHA Products Previously Used: RHA-MA750,  RHA- T10i Source Gear: AK240II, HDP-R10 (version of iBasso DX100), iBasso DX90   Agree to all the requirements. thanks
Selling my lightly used pair of AKG K712 Pro's. These are in excellent condition, really like new. Bought these back in November 2013. but they have seen very little use. I've kept them in a headphone bag stored in a plastic tote. These sound fantastic, much better than the K701/702/ or 7xx. Reason for selling is that I also have the K702 Anni's, and they sound almost identical. I also have plenty of other headphones and some have to go.   Anyway, you get everything...
This is the "First Edition" version from the first batch back in December 2014. Serial #102. Works great, physically in new condition. I used them only for a few minutes to compare them to my other AKG's. Original box and all accessories included.   Shipping is free within the States, otherwise shipping is at cost to buyer. Paypal fees are up to buyer, or as paypal gift (will ship with tracking).
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