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 Let us know what you think when you get them.Cheers
 I believe I have one, a few other members do as well.I have already offered mine up for measurements. As I said earlier, my theory is that the manufacturer changed the drivers to a cheaper set after the initial run. That is why latest earphones sound so bad.
 He was selling it but not through his Ali store. Not sure if he was selling it on Amazon, I seem to remember that he was.Anyway, you can see my early posts, I posted what I heard, which is the same as I have been posting all along. Yes, I was an early adopter, but when I think something is going to be good, I tend to jump in. I never wrote a glowing review, but I did post positive posts on the earphones, and really after I had them for at least a week. If I had not liked...
I had bought some other things from him, so was looking for a good price, he gave it to me.
 This seller, please do not mention him, sold it to me when I contacted them. Seller was not allowed to sell it through his store on Ali.
  PM me if you have a way of doing it or are interested in measuring my pair. In the US only, please.
 Well, I did one to one comparison with my Jupiter's, a fairly well regarded earphone, and, although the Jupiter is certainly a better earphone, I did not notice glaring differences, as would be the implication from some of the recent impressions. I bought it back on Apr. 19 2016, received it a few weeks later. I already had it for at least a week when this thread was started. Bought it from the Chinese seller who cannot be named, by the way.
I tried EQ'ing mine last night, in case I was missing something, and they added nothing to the sound, actually the opposite.    Again, adding to my theory above, that some of us did receive good units.    I hate to mislead people as well, and often hold off posting glowing impressions or remarks, just in case I change my mind on gear. When this thread started, and earlier over on the Chinese thread (I believe) those of us that got these earphones were quite happy with...
Wow, I feel the exact opposite about mine. I was one of the first people to receive mine here on Head-fi.    Here's a theory, the initial batch were done right, with good tuning, good drivers.  Later batches, the manufacturer changed the drivers with cheaper drivers to make more profit,and didn't update the tuning.   Possibility?
I went directly to the Master 6. Almost tempted to try the 4, as the price is real good.   My bigger question is how does the Master 6 compare to the Hunter?   As per past posts, nobody knows, etc. etc.
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