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 Balanced is the way to go with the 120II, excellent sound.
  Yes it's discontinued. $500 is a great price for an excellent player. You may have to replace the battery, that seems to be the part that wears down quickest.
I did say most people right?Glad you hear the difference. I also prefer to keep my files as Flac, with all the correct tags.Cheers. I haven't done this myself, but try this
The difference between Flac and 320 is very hard to hear. Most people can not tell the difference. Test it yourself if you want to confirm.Myself, I prefer Flac, just because I prefer the files to be closest to the original format, in case I decide to burn a CD.192 use to be the the preferred MP3 bit-rate just a few years ago, but storage is cheap, and I can hear a difference with 320, but that too is minor. 160 and below is crap, IMHO.
 Can we stay on subject, and refer questions and discussions outside of topic to other threads?
 Hit $399, 22 People are in, six days to go.
 I should have the IM04 next week, ordered it yesterday. I have the other two.
I usually give 3 or 4$ if it's something I really like. The nice thing about it, the money or most of it anyway, goes directly to the artist. They still make more per album then if they had signed on to a major.
 That can be indeed true. Depends on if the savings justify the risk, and only the buyer can decide that. Buying second hand, or from unauthorized dealers here in the States, including from Amazon third party sellers, would probably be even more risky, imho, than buying from Amazon Japan.People do it all the time, and are usually quite happy with the savings and items bought.cheers.
 No, not really, you may have to send it back to Japan for warranty issues, but its still covered as you are the buyer.
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