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I have to write up a review myself on a review sample sent my way, and return my pair.They  grew on me in the time that I had them. I agree that they didn't sound that great when I first started listening to them, but over time I have come to really appreciate the H-150's strengths, and at such a good price point. Anyway cheers, glad you finally got them for review. 
I wonder if there is different tuning on the later released T10. When I had the T10i, bought when they first came out, I thought the tuning was quite dark, even with the neutral filters, so I returned them. Currently on Amazon there are close to a dozen used pair of the T10i, and maybe one pair of the T10. This implies that many people were not happy with the T10i but not the case with the later released T10.   Thoughts anyone?
This is my second pair of Pro 900's. When I sold my first pair, I went through seller's remorse, so I bought this second pair new from Amazon.   Never did open them as I got caught up with other can's.   So, no pictures of the headphones, as these are new and still sealed. Bought February, 2013.   Shipping is included in price for US buyers, international buyers pay full shipping.   Paypal fees are up to the buyer.   thanks.
  Free Flac or MP3 Ambient releases from Canadian musician Mike Carss  ~ Altus pt 2   Other free downloads can be found here, sorted by genre.
Thanks for the excellent review. I haven't listened to the album yet, as I just got the album recently as well. I have been following Bjork since her days with the Sugarcubes, one of the great bands from the Alternative/college rock era of the later 80's.   Sugarcubes biggest hit was Birthday, which saw airplay on MTV in the US, as well as a fair amount of airplay on College and alternative radio, but my favorite song by them was Coldsweat, a tune that I remember playing...
This is really sad to hear. I for one, will keep an eye out for suspiciously cheap Audeze headphones.  Hoping this crime is solved and your stock is returned. Best of luck. 
 Ditto here, quite the effort, and job well done! Thank you Jelt.
 After all, you only have two ears! LOL!   Been there! Got my K10u's a few days ago, amazing earphone.
Free Ambient music flacs
Last night I tried a triple flange tip,  I believe they were these. I cut off the stem at  the bottom of the bottom flange to shorten them a tad, as otherwise they are to long.   To my ears, this brings out the bottom end without any bloat, but keeps the mids and highs of the supplied light grey tips that I had good luck with.  The seal with these triple flange tips is quite good.
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