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Thanks for the info, building speakers, although it sounds fun, I just dont want to spend the time. And I couldn't find a good deal on the PSB's. I think I'll just get the Wharfedales for 85 shipped, thats probably the best I can do.
I saw a deal on for the Wharfedale Diamond 7.2 for $85 shipped. I had been perusing the information on cheap bookshelf speakers, and came to the conclusion this is about the best I could do for under $100. I'm using an old Marantz 2220b with just as old KLH speakers that sound like crap, and was looking to make a cheap upgrade for my dorm here in SD. My questions are:Will the Marantz be sufficient power for the Wharfdales?, and Are there any other...
Oh, you bet I am! I tried to go back to my old headphones to save the batteries, but I just couldn't stomach the constant mammer(if thats a word) in my ears. I've already thought to myself, "If this is entry-level, I must be missing out on true high fidelity sound". So my next purchase I've decided will be a Corda with HD580s. Cheers to the addiction!!
I just stopped by Radio Shack and picked up a 300mA Universal power adapter to use with my older model Total Airhead. After doing a search I fear that I did not get enough...ampage...for the TA. It works just fine and dandy running at 4.5 volts for the few minutes its been on. Also I was wondering if it would hurt the TA to run it at 6 volts, since thats the next step up on the unit.
I downloaded some of their songs yesterday and was attracted to their happy sound. I'm planning on getting their album, "Sunmachine", and was wondering if anyone knew of any other groups that have a similar sound. I saw many bad reviews of their music. Its amazing what a decent set of headphones can do to music.
Sounds like it doesn't do too much. Can software really do anything to improve sound quality. Obviously hardware is better than software, but there should be some kind of software thats beneficial. Good stuff
I had figured someone else had asked this, just couldn't find the thread, thanks for the link
I was looking around and saw that this board isn't more than a year old. I was just wondering how this all got started, and why. It has been a helpful resource to me, for the most part. I joined in search of a deal on some HD495s and found them the first day. It soon became apparent to me that there was such a thing as a headphone fanatic. An interesting fact would be to see how many people got into headphones by simply coming to this board too often.
I was looking around ebay and came accross speakers that said they were "Microsoft's Approved and Certified Microsoft's Plus! Speaker Enhancement for Windows XP". All thats on theMicrosoft site is a list of speakers that are compatible with the software enhancement. I'm just wondering if any of you have used this and if its worth going throught the trouble to get Plus!.
I use my $20 closed headphones to concentrate while at my computer...doing what else, but reading everything the "headphone community" has to say. I quickly found this was more than just a waste of time. I'm just another sucker who NEEDED better headphones, spent the money, and am currently awaiting the NEEDED amp. JMT, you're my hero
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