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another drop
price drop
They sound great and the wood seems easy to finish, especially with such a small project.
Still Available
My own unique maple cup design for my MS-1s. Sitting on my own unique hickory veneered book shelves with HiVi B3S drivers.       
Amp is in great condition with only minor cosmetic wear - small scratch and spot on top of original case, wear on 4 bottom corners. Volume pot makes a soft wooshing sound when swept for the first time when the unit is turned on. Stops after sweeping back and forth. It has done this since I bought it, never been an issue though.   Comes with extra shell which has never been opened, contains tool. Comes with USB cable and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm if you want either. Cables...
Check out The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points. That track features a female vocalist. If you dig their sound try their full lp Drink the Sea. The rest is instrumental but is excellent.
iTunes match will upgrade your songs, but not automatically. It has to match them first. My library of about 25,000 yield about 90% songs matched. The unmatched songs are instead uploaded from your machine to the cloud. The matching software isn't perfect so there will be songs you know are available at the itunes store that it doesn't match. To get the higher quality songs on your machine you have to manually delete the matched songs from your itunes library then...
  I couldn't find it on the site either. Must not be listed there anymore. I picked them up in store today. 
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